OGR Solutions announces new technology platform for Oilfield Asset Management

PRLog[1] - Jul. 24, 2014 - HOUSTON -- OGR Solutions, announced today the release of its Asset Lifecycle Management Field Mobility (ALM) technology platform for the oil & gas drilling industry. This advancement in inspection, repair, and maintenance of drilling equipment represents a technology turning point in the digital oilfields ability to solve vital regulatory and operational challenges native to equipment on onshore and offshore rigs and in other oil and gas facilities.

The platform uses industry-ruggedized Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology identification and next-generation wearable computing system and touch screen computers to deliver oil and gas field workers a seamless ability to perform inspections, repair, and other day-to-day operations.

RFID technology enables companies to meet and exceed regulatory requirements by storing critical pieces of information in the memory of the RFID tag and enabling the ability to identify equipment even when completely obstructed by mud, grease, oil, and other chemicals. The software system and mobile computer platform enable an augmented environment for field workers. The ability to perform activities such as retrieving certificate of conformances, identifying equipment and performing inspection, detecting anomalies and analyzing trends in the collected data, is now all possible using this wearable touch screen system.

"This technology platform's successful development is a credit to the collaborative work between our team and the oil and gas community. The drilling and production industry worked hand-in-hand with us in supporting and defining the detailed specifications that ultimately lead to this comprehensive technology solution that meticulously addresses every critical functional and non-functional requirement native to this industry. From the radio frequency systems, which were custom designed to address the environmental challenges of the oil and gas industry, to the software graphical interfaces built to address the ergonomic needs of a field worker. The result is an industry proven, rugged, and benefit driven system that can be easily installed onsite and immediately bring value to the oil and gas organization using it," commented Konrad Konarski, Chief Operating Officer.

The company has already successfully deployed this platform at various customer locations across the world and is working together with the petroleum industry to support future roll-outs throughout this year. Moving forward, a key part of this collaborative work with the oil and gas sector will be to support the increasing domestic regulatory requirements on oil field equipment such as Blow-Out-Preventers (BOPs) and other critical assets that are essential to the operation of an onshore or offshore rig. A task that the ALMFM platform is already built for.

OGR Solutions LLC. is an innovative wireless technology solutions company whose systems are prudently built to solve critical industry problems for the emerging needs of the 21st century oil-field. The company’s technology platforms include personnel safety and tracking technologies more omnipresent and reliable than GPS, asset management control systems more effective and proven than barcode, and next-generation smart-sensor technologies that can be pervasively deployed across an entire oil-field. OGR Solutions integrated product portfolio provides a pioneering approach to building digital canopy systems, solving challenging operational and health & safety problems, and delivering significant value to the petroleum industry.

“The oil and gas vertical market for RFID Holdings is growing exponentially and we are thrilled to be part of this exciting growth story, “ says Daniel Frydenlund, Chairman of RFID Holdings and General Partner of The Stage Fund: The majority equity capital owners of the group. RFID Holdings owns Skyetek and OGR Solutions.

Go to http://www.rfidsolutiongroup.org[2] for more information on this new technology solution.

Visit http://www.thestagefund.com[3] and http://www.edisonpartners.com[4] to learn more about the investor groups.


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