LiveQoS Launches Mobile Application for Fast, Secure File Sharing

OTTAWA, ON--(Marketwired - Aug 6, 2014) - LiveQoS®, the market leader in Quality of Experience (QoE) for mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, and PCs, announces the availability of LiveShare, its first mobile application for consumers to directly share files without a data connection. Users can now quickly and securely transfer documents, photos, videos and other files without a network connection between any two devices.

LiveShare is currently available for Android, Windows, Mac and Linux, with iOS soon to follow. LiveShare makes sharing files (and entire folders) between devices simple, using WiFi Direct technology or an existing WiFi connection to transmit data at very high speeds. The application works by generating a unique URL or QR code, enabling the data to be encrypted and downloaded without the need to memorize passwords or search for other devices. You can easily pair devices using QR codes, NFC (Near Field Communication) or by entering a sharing key.

Known users can be stored in user groups so that files can be shared amongst multiple devices simultaneously and securely. For example, professionals can create a group of meeting attendees to share sensitive corporate documents with, or, a consumer can create a group of family members to share photos with across all home devices.

LiveShare is a more secure file sharing application because it encrypts file information unlike other applications that have no protection walls in place. LiveShare is also more reliable since it doesn't depend on mobile data connectivity. Similar types of applications use the cloud for file sharing, which means these applications may transmit files across mobile data networks. This not only uses up expensive data plans, but also makes the application fully reliant on mobile connectivity. If there's no data service, then users won't be able to share files. Even if WiFi networks are available, a connection to the cloud must be present and becomes a performance bottleneck.

"We are very excited to provide consumers with a new, safe, and fast file sharing platform that will transform the process of moving files," said Martin Horne, LiveQoS CEO. "The benefit of LiveShare compared to similar technology is that users don't need to be connected to a network. It saves you the hassle of having to upload files to a cloud, other server or sending emails. What's more, it can be used anywhere -- from home, in a conference room or even on a flight. LiveShare truly connects you and your files wherever you are."

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