Jeron Nurse Call Integrates With Third Party Barcode Scanners

Jeron Software Allows Barcode Scanning

Jeron Software Allows Barcode Scanning

PRLog[1] - Aug. 13, 2014 - CHICAGO -- Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc. announced today that the company’s popular Provider® 790 Nurse Call System now offers a barcode option to streamline staff signing on and off duty, taking breaks, and to assign the wireless device(s) used for their shift.

The enhanced operation uses barcodes on the staff name tags and wireless devices, along with barcodes for operations including on-duty, off-duty, and on-break.  To go on duty, a staff member simply scans their name tag barcode and then the “on duty” barcode; to take ownership of a wireless device (wireless phone, pocket page, locating tag), the staff then scans the code on the device. The barcode option is available from any Windows®-based computer anywhere on the facility’s LAN.  This “everywhere” access helps remove congestion at the nursing station at shift change and also virtual eliminates errors because there is no keyboard entries or mouse clicks required during the operation.

According to Myles Cochran, Jeron’s Director of Marketing, “Barcode scanners are a popular way to enter information in acute care facilities because they are fast and error free. Hospital administrators and managers want tools to make their staff more efficient and this is yet another feature of the Provider 790 nurse call system to streamline workflows for both managers and clinical users.”

As part of the Provider 790 Nurse Call System, the barcode option features:

- Simple barcode scan operation for:
      - On-Duty
      - Off-Duty
      - On-Break
      - Wireless device assignment
-  No keyboard or mouse interaction required
-  With one scan, each caregiver can review their assigned rooms and beds
-  Automated break rollover; patient calls to the caregiver “on break” will route to the caregiver’s backup team member’s wireless phone or pocket pager
-  Reduces congestion during shift changes with remote barcode operation from any PC on the LAN
- Cross-platform support for both Provider 680 and Provider 790 Nurse Call Systems

Provider 790 is a complete nurse call communication solution, offering clear VoIP digital/full-duplex audio, wireless phone and pocket pager integration, simple touch screen operation, one-touch facility-wide intercom, automated alerting/workflow functionality and a wide spectrum of patient and staff area components – all designed to optimize patient care and staff efficiency. Provider 790 is backed by Jeron’s industry-leading five-year warranty.

A leader in communications systems for the healthcare industry, Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc. is the engineering and manufacturing force behind Provider nurse call systems. Provider systems facilitate communications, speed response times and integrate with a wide spectrum of alerting and notification technologies, all focused on delivering the highest levels of patient care. From its founding in 1965, Jeron has earned a solid reputation for innovation, quality and service. Jeron products are engineered and manufactured in the USA.

For more information regarding the Provider® 790 communication solution, visit[2] or call 800.621.1903.

Ericka Baran
Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc.
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