Dealmed Medical Supplies LLC to Partner with eBizNET to Extend Its NetSuite ERP to the Warehouse

 NEW YORK, NY, August 15, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Dealmed Medical Supplies and eBizNET today announced they have approved a definitive agreement for Dealmed to partner with eBizNET. Dealmed is currently a leading independent medical supply distributor, while eBizNET's expertise lies in on-demand applications developed as well as deployed entirely on the NetSuite platform. The partnership allows Dealmed to extend its NetSuite ERP to the warehouse and have access to advanced options for warehousing and distribution operations.

The need for Dealmed to extend NetSuite to its warehouse is mainly due to its vast number of items offered for sale such as medical equipment[1], medical supplies, vaccines, and specialty medical products. Dealmed is partnering with eBizNET WMS to have access to its features and functions in order to advance inventory and fulfillment capacities. By doing so, Dealmed will have the ability to provide a level of efficiency which surpasses most independent medical supply distributors.

Dealmed found the benefits of extending its NetSuite ERP to eBizNET warehouse management system incredibly compelling. The eBizNET warehouse management system both automates and optimizes Dealmed warehouse operations with advanced features, including system directed put-away & wave picking, dynamic replenishments and integrated shipping. The advancements have seen to it that Dealmed uses handheld devices for real-time scanning of bin location and UPC barcodes. With this in hand, Dealmed is able to electronically provide its warehouse operators step-by-step instructions along with data validations without having to rely on manual processes. Ultimately, Dealmed is now able to increase operational efficiency as well as enhance customer service.

eBizNET has made it possible for Dealmed to do the following: track lot numbers, expiration dates, and serial numbers while managing its inventory based on FIFO/ FEFO, minimize waste and satisfy industry compliance requirements, in addition to meeting its clients' needs. The immediate future expectations for Dealmed will be realized through greater inventory visibility and accuracy along with improved space utilization. "We are excited that Dealmed partnered with eBizNET for the successful implementation of our advanced warehouse management on NetSuite platform. Our WMS provides the right set of tools for the healthcare industry to support the rapid growth being experienced by Dealmed," said Sid Geddam, CEO of eBizNET Solutions.

About eBizNET Solutions

eBizNET Solutions Inc. is the leading supplier of the renowned SaaS Supply Chain Execution Solutions. The organization has its client base in North America, Europe together with Asia Pacific. eBizNET has a strong reputation across a vast network of industries, such as Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, Retail, Food & Beverages, 3PL, High Technology, and Automotive. eBizNET has been, since 2006, a NetSuite Developer (SDN). The company was also recognized as visionary, in 2012/13, by Gartner in WMS Magic Quadrant. You can learn more about eBizNET by visiting[2].

About Dealmed Medical Supplies

Dealmed is a medical supply distributor located Brooklyn, New York. The company's clientele includes EMS agencies, surgery centers, clinics, and physicians. Dealmed sells to a network of specialty markets, and offers custom pricing solution and services to healthcare facility. To inquire more about the company email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.[3] or visit[4].

Dealmed is a leader in medical supplies distribution. We provide medical supplies, medical equipment, drugs, vaccines, and specialty medical products and services. Our mission is simple: We make it our business to understand how the products we sell impact patients' lives everyday.


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