WCS News Issue 2 Looks at Warehouse Control Systems for Order Fulfillment

PRLog[1] - Aug. 15, 2014 - The second issue of WCS News, a weekly e-news publication, was issued this past Monday, August 11h.  The publication reported that WCS solutions must provide a variety of solutions for order fulfillment and DCs. Software benefits to seek include: customized screens/reports, real-time data/statistics, pro-active user-controlled monitoring, easy configuration, and improved productivity at a low cost rapid ROI (return-on-investment).

WCS News also addressed recent surveys of operations and warehouse managers.  The managers serving the high volume Business to Consumer (B2C) markets are 80% more likely to consider a standalone WCS solution.  The number of SKUs and cartons shipped per day out of DCs is a best-practice indicator of WCS functionality and usefulness.  The shift from pallet and case handling toward the fulfillment of small hand-selected orders drives the trend among DCs to knit together networks of complex subsystems.

WCS solutions are much more than just an interface between the WMS and the equipment. The increasing use of WCS solutions will be the subject of many upcoming issues of the one-page report.  This fast and informative highlight is valuable for warehouse manager, distribution center operations management, and senior management seeking lean tools and productivity improvements.

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QC Enterprise, the premier software product suite, is the result of extensive research, development, and rigorous testing. It is a proven product that provides benefits to leading manufacturers, retailers, and direct sales organizations. This complete, integrated warehouse control system is configurable, scalable, and modular to suit a wide range of user requirements.  QC Software customers gain a competitive edge in today’s complex economy.  Follow on Twitter @QCSoftware.

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