HowToBarcode.Net introduced new version of Barcode Label Maker Software with some extended features





PRLog[1] - Aug. 25, 2014 - GHAZIABAD, India -- Now a day use of barcode can be seen in every field. In our daily life we purchase many goods and things. All these things contain a unique UPC code for their identification. From inventory to retail, manufacturing, warehousing, banks, packaging, distribution and many other industries uses barcode labels for the management of large stock of goods. In past time it was very difficult to have control over goods. To be set free from this problem barcode technology came in existence.
Barcode is the graphical representation in the form of horizontal and vertical lines to uniquely identify products. It consists of some encoded information about goods. Do you know generate and printing barcode as per business requirement is very easy now.
Large numbers of Companies provides software for barcode designing. Creation of barcode for multiple products is very necessary to easily manage them. HowToBarcode.Net, a global product label designing based Company recently introduced Barcode Label Maker Software that creates asset tags.
Barcode Label Maker Software provides facility for users to design as well as print bulk labels for products in an automated manner. You can select either Linear or 2D text font symbology to create your goods labels. If you want to barcode labels in your own style, text, font and color then this program will help you. Sticker designing application easily makes barcode stickers for all types of business sectors and utilizes your important business time in product barcode label designing.
It has been released with some extended features now. Barcode Generator software creates bulk series of linear and 2D barcode labels by using batch processing methods including sequential series, random and constant value methods. It offers multiple image drawing tools like pencil, color, text etc that creates barcode labels in multiple card shapes by using card properties. You don’t need to have and specific kind of technical knowledge in order to create barcode labels. Predefined label stock, copy paste feature for designed barcode label on other Microsoft application makes it somehow unique.
Barcode Creator Tool provides print preview of created barcode label before you will print it by using laser or thermal printer. This application is compatible to work well with windows and Mac both types of operating system. There is facility available for users to save created barcode sticker by using any type of image file extension such as gif, jpeg, Bitmap etc and you can also email it by using inbuilt email setting feature.

Watch this video to design barcode labels with DRPU Barcode Label Maker Software[2]

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