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Portland, OR (PRWEB) September 08, 2014

Swan Island Networks, a leading provider of cloud-based situational intelligence software and services, announced the launch of TX360™[1], a new agile situational intelligence services platform that enables enterprise security professionals and corporate leadership to quickly recognize, manage, and respond to emerging threats of all kinds. TX360 provides access to thousands of intelligence sources through a single point, using its innovative channels-based architecture.

TX360 revolutionizes intelligence-led protection within the enterprise. Never before has enterprise security intelligence been collected and made available on such a global scale, or applied with such precision, just where it is needed most.

Based on Swan Island Network’s[2] expertise developed over a decade of providing security intelligence sharing solutions to leading blue-chip companies and government agencies, TX360 is a wholly new product, cloud-optimized from the ground up. It delivers fast, agile, easy access to specific, customized security intelligence to help protect the people, property, and critical infrastructure of companies around the world.

At the heart of TX360 are its innovative Intelligence Channels and Common Operating Picture (or COP). Intelligence Channels are unique public and private information sources, including external news feeds, internal alerts and notifications, networked video, GPS and other sensor feeds, social network monitoring, and much more.

The TX360's COP shows breaking events of all kinds, along with internally published notifications. All are displayed via mapping services on dashboards, or delivered as “Smart Alerts.” This COP displays real-time data from many disparate sources (the “channels”) fused together in various maps and gadgets.

The result is a 24/7 living view of enterprise risk. Severe weather, 911 alerts, natural disasters, travel warnings, traffic and accident notifications, facility status, supply chain disruptions, electricity outages, cyber attacks, social media chatter and more are all available via a single, high assurance service.

The new TX360 platform is optimized to leverage the highly secure and scalable Microsoft Azure cloud to support large enterprises with global operations. Public sector solutions utilizing the power and capabilities of the TX360 platform are available as part of TIES for Microsoft CityNext[3] solutions which support government leaders, safe school initiatives, disaster response teams, and other specialized functions.

Similar enterprise security intelligence systems traditionally cost millions of dollars to deploy— TX360 is now available on a subscription basis at a fraction of the cost. The TX360 system has been optimized for the cloud, delivering speed, agility and scalability, with key capabilities including:

  •     Real-time information aggregation through the use of Intelligence Channels, featuring dynamic content from thousands of unique, real-time alerting sources, which can be filtered, merged, and customized to deliver the most relevant information and alerts to each customer.
  •     Customizable dashboards that provide comprehensive visualization on maps and synthesize critical security information from a variety of sources and assets.
  •     Social media monitoring and management services, providing targeted intelligence to leaders and teams about their brands, locations, individuals, and topics of interest.
  •     Smart Alerting, including the ability to segment events to issue Notices, Alerts and Alarms, capable of notifying key personnel in real time with text messages, emails or phone calls whenever a severe event matches the filtering settings they have selected.
  •     Mobile incident reporting and alerting, enabling real-time collection and transmission of field data, including photos.
  •     Communities of Trust enabling effective information sharing among authorized participants, and and intelligence dissemination is restricted only to those with appropriate authorization. .
  •     Ability to integrate real-time networked video or GPS information in support of asset tracking services, and other technologies, to provide comprehensive operating pictures utilizing many different sources of information.

Swan Island Networks’ legacy system, TIES®, which was originally introduced in 2009, is also hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud and successfully delivers situational awareness services supporting over 250 companies, including 20 percent of the Fortune 100. Swan Island Networks will continue to operate TIES in support of hundreds of organizations around the world and will offer transition assistance to organizations that desire to upgrade to the new TX360 platform.

The new TX360 platform delivers innovative cloud-optimized 360° situational intelligence capabilities accessible anytime and anywhere via mobile and desktop devices. TX360 provides corporate leaders, risk managers, and security personnel quick access to the information sources and alerting services they need to share intelligence and react quickly to protect their people and their enterprises.

“TX360 was designed to help enterprise leaders and security professionals keep up with today’s ever-changing threat environment—in ways that are tailored to the specific needs of each individual customer,” said Charles Jennings, CEO of Swan Island Networks. “We believe it represents a quantum leap in situational intelligence services, with both more security intelligence sources available in a single service than ever before, and faster, better, more affordable ways to apply this intelligence efficiently.”

TX360 is now available as an enterprise subscription service. TX360 is offered through a growing list of resellers and security companies worldwide and can be customized or provided on an OEM/white label basis for integration into partner or customer solutions.

About Swan Island Networks
Swan Island Networks, Inc. is a cloud-based information services provider specializing in agile situational intelligence and risk management solutions. The company provides highly secure SaaS services for capturing, displaying, filtering, and sharing data from thousands of sources, both open and proprietary, supporting 20% of the Fortune 100 and more than 250 enterprises. TX360 is Swan Island Networks’ service optimized for global enterprises and private sector security, and TIES for Microsoft CityNext is a new service optimized for the public sector and designed to support local, state, regional and national governments’ situational intelligence needs, around the world. For more information, please call 503-796-7926 or visit[4]

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