The Revelation Network Partners With Secure Channels and Proximity to Deliver Secure Cloud-Based Geolocation Services for Disaster Notification

LOS ANGELES, CA and IRVINE, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 15, 2014) - The Revelation Network (, lighting the World through new media and technology, has partnered with cyber defense firm Secure Channels, Inc. and geolocation technology company Proximity LLC to create a new, multi-device disaster and early warning emergency system for subscribers. Leveraging cloud services to provide instantaneous warnings of disaster scenarios and emergency preparedness, the new technology will soon be available for subscribers of TRN programming at various houses of worship and community centers. informs and uplifts audiences with positive and purposeful programs. The increase and frequency of natural and man-made disasters inspired TRN to include emergency preparedness to TRN's foundation.

With this partnership, TRN is introducing the 'Beacon of Light' Internet of Things (IoT) security and notification device. The 'Beacon of Light' is powered by "The PROXiMITTER™" hardware device which uses patented encryption technology from Secure Channels, Inc. and cloud-based geolocation services from Proximity, LLC. For mobile users, TRN offers a custom mobile app that delivers all content from TRN programming, coupled with emergency alert capabilities. The 'Beacon of Light' utilizes multiple forms of emergency communications services, such as the TRN app, broadcast, mobile, and HAM radio, to ensure emergency messages are transmitted and received, even in events resulting in power loss.

"The patented Shield of Certainty™ cloud services, unbeatable encryption and The PROXiMITTER™ geolocation device are the foundation of the Beacon of Light service used for emergency response and the Preparation and Awareness for Community Resiliency in Emergencies and Disasters (PAC RED) initiative," said Alicia Hamilton, TRN's CEO. "Our users will subscribe to this service to gain protection for churches, houses of worship, and community centers to place this device at their locations to alert their local communications in the event of a disaster. The TRN app can be used by individual subscribers for safe and secure access of any sort of data in the cloud.

"Our technology will cover TRN in a shroud of protection providing absolute certainty," said Richard Blech, CEO, of Secure Channels and Proximity. "Churches, faith-based community centers and religious schools are often used as shelters during natural disasters and these buildings typically lack the systems and equipment to accommodate large numbers of people protected in the wake of a disaster. The 'Beacon of Light' with PROXiMITTER™ technology solves this problem."

In response to President Obama's Policy Directive #8, Ms. Hamilton and her colleagues established PAC RED to promote community sustainability and resiliency. PAC RED helps to ensure that emergency planning, training and resources are available and accessible to everyone regardless of age, gender, race, religion or affluence through collaborations between Emergency Services Agencies, Local Government Agencies, Private Sector Organizations, Faith and Community Based Organizations, Media Organizations, Volunteer Groups and local stakeholders . PAC RED utilizes TRN's media, communications and broadcast platforms to extend the outreach for this important emergency preparedness and resiliency message.

Secure Channels and Proximity partnership with TRN ensures that all broadcasting platforms and cloud services will be provided with "Absolute Certainty" even in the midst of a natural disaster. 'Beacon of Light' will begin immediate roll out within the Los Angeles metropolitan area with national expansion in the coming year. Houses of Worship, community organizers and individuals interested in learning more about 'Beacon of Light' and TRN emergency services, can visit

About TRN

TRN: The Revelation Network, located on the Internet at, broadcasts original and acquired inspirational, educational, and motivational programs to global audiences through the latest and best developments in digital media and technology. In this age of "Citizen's Journalism" TRN provides broadcast solutions for individuals, producers, distributors, organizations, businesses, ministries and Houses of Worship worldwide to connect with each other and their audiences over multiple media channels and devices including; the Internet, mobile phones, personal hand held devices, out of home media, terrestrial and satellite television and radio. Broadcast applications and technologies are uniquely designed to also support emergency and disaster communications, response and recovery for improving overall community resiliency and engagement.

About Secure Channels, Inc.

Secure Channels Inc., is a new cyber-defense firm that creates robust, and state-of-the-art patented encryption technologies that has patented processes to harden encryption and envelop resources in such a way as to render the data virtually unbreakable given the current, as well as foreseeable future technology and timelines, thus providing security that is impenetrable and far in excess of any existing encryption systems available today. Secure Channel is under an exclusive license from Secure Channels SA a Swiss company and completely compatible with every type of data available on the market.
 Secure Channels has partnered with Proximity to secure the data itself, the path data travels when in motion, and the storage of all known media types when data is at rest.

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