ToolHound Tracks Tools Worldwide Across Multitude of CB&I Job Sites

— Global energy infrastructure company uses ToolHound system to manage valuable tool and equipment assets —

ST. ALBERT, Alberta — Sepmtember 16, 2014 — ToolHound Inc., a leading global supplier of tool tracking systems, announced that the ToolHound tool and equipment management system is helping CB&I (NYSE: CBI) maximize operational efficiency with comprehensive visibility of extensive equipment and supply inventories worldwide.

ToolHound tool and equipment management software is used to track large equipment, such as cranes, forklifts and testing equipment, as well as supplies and hand tools for CB&I, a complete provider of design, engineering, construction, maintenance and environmental services. More than 140 CB&I employees use the system to issue tools and equipment to approximately 35,000 workers at job sites in Africa, Australia, China and Thailand, as well as Canada and the U.S.

“We use ToolHound tool and equipment management software and bar code readers to track everything under the sun, from cranes to janitorial supplies,” said Matt McGinnis, area equipment coordinator for CB&I. “ToolHound absolutely helps us manage our tool inventory across multiple project locations.”

The ToolHound 5 tool and equipment management system is a scalable solution that utilizes the latest cloud computing, radio frequency identification and bar code technologies to maintain real-time visibility of company inventory wherever it is located. A range of construction, maintenance and repair organizations worldwide rely on ToolHound to increase staff accountability and productivity, while reducing equipment budgets and improving profitability.

According to McGinnis, CB&I also benefits from the various ToolHound software modules, including a tool billing module and equipment maintenance option that tracks equipment repair or calibration schedules. The company has been using ToolHound since October 2010.

“Prior to using ToolHound, we had challenges managing inventory across multiple project locations due to lack of visibility,” added McGinnis. “The return on investment with the system has far outreached our expectations, and continues to do so daily.”

“ToolHound helps large and small companies worldwide gain overall visibility of all their valuable assets -- tools, equipment, machinery, consumables and vehicles,” said Dean Perry, president of ToolHound. “Combined ToolHound benefits of increased staff accountability, reduced tool ‘hoarding’ and maximum productivity deliver significant cost savings and overall peace of mind for CB&I.”

With 125 years of experience and approximately 55,000 employees, CB&I prides itself on delivering timely, cost-effective and reliable solutions to its energy and government clients, while maintaining a relentless focus on safety and quality.

About ToolHound

Since 1985, ToolHound systems have been deployed by companies of all sizes across a variety of industries, including construction, power generation, chemical processing, mining and jobsite tool and equipment services. Specializing in personalized technical support with on-site training and installation expertise, ToolHound offers a  comprehensive portfolio of tool and equipment management solutions including Cloud hosting and customer controlled hosting with ToolHound OnSite and SecureCrib featuring wireless, RFID and barcode technology.

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