QR Code Payments Taking over Street Fairs


PRLog[1] - Sep. 17, 2014 - VILNIUS, Lithuania -- Street fairs are very popular in Lithuania. Various artists, tradesmen sell traditional pieces, jewellery, paintings, together with traditional food products. It is usual to pay for everything in cash as payment by card was more of an exception. Yet, payments in cash were causing some difficulties. A sufficient amount of cash is needed when paying, so in case one is short, the cash machine had to be quickly found. This year organizers of the Vilnius city fair made an agreement with Paysera, an electronic payment institution licensed by the European Union, and provided the possibility to use mobile payments. There were hundreds who tried this payment method. According to organizers, the mobile payment method was the mostly used for food products. “I believe that mobile payments are very convenient and user friendly. Some people are suspicious, but young people are very keen to use smart technologies. I believe that mobile payments will eventually overtake cash payments in street fairs”, says Aurita, who sells handmade earrings and participates in Vilnius City Fiesta every year. Paysera offered two payment methods: “Bluetooth” (BLE) and QR codes. Both sellers and buyers have seen how easy the payment is processed, and no specific skills were needed. The transaction time was around 2 seconds, so the seller saw almost immediately when the money went in his account. “It was great to see how city guests and people have accepted the new payment method. The first ever smart fair was a good experience for our company too. We have seen how mobile payment technologies could be improved, and become user-friendly even more”, says Andrius Balkunas, the development manager of EVP International, which develops the Paysera payment system. The smart payment method developed by Paysera has started to spread to restaurants and petrol stations. This payment system can be applied easily in every country.


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