Bringing Contextual Intelligence to the Supply Chain with Wearable Tech


PRLog[1] - Sep. 23, 2014 - NEW YORK -- Si14, SpA, a visionary original design and development laboratory for innovative technology products, and Pullsar, leaders in augmented ecosystems that enable contextual intelligence for enterprise process management, have entered into an agreement to equip supply chain customers with advanced wearable technology (, in the form of the Si14 enterprise-capable smartwatch, to deliver actionable intelligence in real time to the workforce at the point of impact—from the manufacturing floor to operations control.

Pullsar augments warehouse, production, laboratories, maintenance and other operations by automating data collection and analysis and delivering information where it is needed within the context of the environment and the process. By combining sensors, actuators and “smart” user interface devices with a powerful engine to analyze complex data, Pullsar is able to capture the ‘pulse’ of processes allowing customers to better manage quality assurance, events and outcomes, and maximize productivity.

“In this new era of the Internet of Things, businesses must rethink their operations and information management.  The systems and devices in this new interconnected world today often cannot communicate with each other or they provide us data we are not prepared to use.  It is Pullsar’s vision to integrate wearable devices, sensors and other data sources into an ecosystem that delivers timely business intelligence to the right people at the right place,” said Pullsar CEO/CFO Raffaele Giuliano.

Intelligent user devices such as tablets, smartphones and the Si14 enterprise smartwatch are a key part of the Pullsar Platform, collecting data and providing user instruction and updates.  The Pullsar system relies on Si14’s smartwatch to deliver information “at the twist of the wrist” directly to workers at the floor level, allowing individuals a clear view and understanding of the operation.

This access to localized, real-time performance data and the Pullsar Platform’s sophisticated predictive and prescriptive data analysis help improve process performance and control for better managing inventory, conducting quality checks, monitoring the flow of kits and parts, or other manufacturing or supply-related tasks for drug makers, manufacturers, logistics companies and other supply chain contributors with “information in context”.

The Si14 smartwatch ([2]) collects information from the environment and enables hands-free interaction, via an intuitive user interface. The wearable houses GPS and accelerometer sensors for motion measurement and data collection, a touch display for user interaction and real-time feedback at a glance, wireless communication for upload/download of data, and a unique system architecture for controlling both software and hardware input and output.

“The Si14 smartwatch is based on our WearIT Android-powered smartwatch which will be introduced for consumer sports and fitness markets later this year,” said Si14 CEO Andrea Tellatin. “To work within the requirements of the Pullsar Platform deployment, Si14 had to overcome a significant technical challenge that plagues today’s smartwatches -- poor power management and a short battery life. Pullsar needed a watch that could last an entire shift.”

In response, Si14 engineers developed a system architecture that supports real-time sensor data acquisition and user feedback, while employing sophisticated power management techniques that extend battery life well beyond any other Android smartwatch.  It is also the only waterproof Android smartwatch, making it well suited for particular industrial settings and field applications.

The Pullsar Platform, currently deployed in a pilot study with a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer, is available directly from Pullsar,

About Pullsar

Pullsar, an EXALTECH brand, is dedicated to improving process management across the supply chain.  The company’s Pullsar Platform augmented ecosystem integrates software and hardware in a convergence of information technology and operational technology, equipping the supply chain with vital contextual intelligence to support operators when decisions or actions must be performed, either through collaborative sessions, enabling users to share information in a natural way, or automatically. For more information, please visit

About Si14

Si14 is a visionary original design and development laboratory for novel technology products that enhance the way we live, work and play.  Founded in 2008 and based in Padova, Italy, Si14 turns inspiration into the realization of compelling, cutting-edge products and services that help people connect with their activities and their world, empower enterprises in realizing greater efficiencies, improve access to vital health screening services for millions worldwide, and much more.  Already an Official Supplier to the Luna Rossa America’s Cup Team seeking the sailing world’s most coveted prize, Si14 enjoys partnerships with leading companies and organizations across the technology spectrum, providing Si14 clients with unique insight, experience and access to the latest advances in embedded systems, bio and motion sensing, mobile communications and more. For more information, please visit[3].

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Jim White, VP Corporate Marketing & Comm.


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