Collective Barcode Launches Programmatic, Multiscreen Solution for CPG Brands

Raising the Bar

New York, NY, September 24, 2014 In the blink of an advertising eye, consumer packaged goods (CPG) marketers have raised the bar on programmatic spend. According to a new survey, nearly 75% of CPG marketers are now using programmatic to target the right audience.  The survey was released by Collective, a digital advertising company that leverages programmatic technology to reach and influence a brand’s core consumers, and conducted by Advertiser Perceptions, a global leader in research-based advertiser insights. The study also found that nearly one in two CPG advertisers feel that programmatic helps them meet their operational goals as well as maximizing their marketing capabilities.

"Programmatic allows for a number of benefits to marketers, including the ability to drive greater efficiencies that maximize marketing spend," said Collective Chief Executive Officer Joe Apprendi. “In addition, through programmatic, marketers running multiscreen campaigns can get to the heart of one of their greatest priorities — audience reach across multiple devices.”

With the approaching holiday season, finding consumers who are already in the market is essential. Of those CPG marketers surveyed, 69% feel that consumers are spending more time across multiple screens and multiscreen advertising will allow them to connect to their target audience wherever they are, and 63% feel multiscreencampaigns increase consumer purchase intent.

Collective BarCode, the Company's recently released solution, combines the power of multiscreen synchronization with accurate purchase intent data to enable CPG marketers to own the mindshare of their consumers in real-time.

“We developed this product to address the specific needs expressed by CPG marketers,” says Collective President and Chief Revenue Officer Jill Botway. “These companies are increasingly looking to programmatic, multiscreen ad campaigns to raise brand awareness, engage consumers and increase purchase intent, and Collective BarCode is a competitive solution for CPG brands to achieve those goals.”

About Collective

Collective is a leading programmatic, multiscreen advertising company that connects brand marketers to consumer audiences with personalized ad experiences across screens and formats. Collective's unified view of the consumer platform breaks down traditional media silos and enables brands to control audience reach and frequency and choreograph messaging across TV, PC, tablet and smartphone devices. To learn more about Collective, visit



About Advertiser Perceptions

Advertiser Perceptions is the leader in providing the media industry with research-based, advertiser insight and guidance necessary for strengthening brands and increasing advertiser satisfaction. The company specializes in determining, analyzing and communicating what advertisers think — their plans, opinions and motivations. Their proprietary database of media decision makers is one of the largest in the world, and the advertiser survey and questionnaire development process they employ ensures optimal response. Focus and media industry expertise enables Advertiser Perceptions to effectively analyze and accurately interpret the research they conduct on behalf of clients, who represent many of the largest international media companies.