Bringing Commercial Real Estate Into the Internet of Things

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 30, 2014) - Oracle OpenWorld 2014 - Enlighted Inc. today announced that the company's lighting powered sensor network platform, distributed intelligence and energy and occupancy analytics will play a key role in the integrated Building Energy and Asset Management Solution offered by Hitatchi Consulting and Oracle.

As one of the best-in-class Building Energy Management systems integrated into the Oracle and Hitachi Building Energy and Asset Management (BEAM) solution, Enlighted's system is leveraged to capture operational data from sensors on building assets. The data is then integrated into business applications, facilitating direct action to be taken based on the data. The BEAM partnership is led by Hitatchi Consulting and Oracle with Johnson Controls, Hitatchi Data Systems and Hitatchi Industrial Components and Equipment Division also contributing. The holistic BEAM solution enables companies to significantly drive down energy costs, improve asset and employee utilization, and reduce maintenance costs. 

"This program is the imminent example of the Internet of Things (IoT) for buildings offered as a single product," said Joe Costello, CEO of Enlighted. "With the Enlighted system playing hand in hand with cloud infrastructure, building management infrastructure and building management system data, the business value is limitless. We are thrilled to participate in this innovative partnership."

Enlighted offers the most advanced wireless sensor network for commercial real estate, providing energy savings and actionable data and analytics for buildings. Enlighted's people-smart lighting sensor product not only saves energy in commercial environments, but also increases comfort of occupants by adapting to individual and ambient lighting conditions. The system securely and anonymously collects data onto the Enlighted platform, to report on occupancy, environment and activity within a space. The evolving platform will soon add HVAC, security and other applications to the current lighting sensor functionality.

The solution will be on demo at Oracle OpenWorld September 28-October 2, 2014 in the Hitachi booth, #1701 Moscone South.

About Enlighted

Enlighted provides people-smart energy efficiency solutions for commercial environments. Its first application -- advanced lighting control, built on the Enlighted sensor and analytics platform -- saves companies between 50% and 70% in energy costs while tuning individual workspaces for the comfort and efficiency of the people who work in them. Additional applications ranging from occupancy and real estate analysis, to HVAC controls to security services are based on additional data that can be observed and aggregated on the Enlighted Application. For more, visit