The Future of Security is Here, Revolutionary Wireless System Launched at Omega Security

Melbourne, Australia (PRWEB) October 13, 2014

Omega Security Solutions[1], a leading Australian security systems company, recently launched the latest in Salto’s line of electronic locking products, the Clay. It promises a whole new level of security for small and medium sized businesses.

Salto is a leading global manufacturer of access control products for virtually every industry sector including corporate buildings, hospitals, hotels, universities and healthcare providers and more.

Australian small businesses are common victims of crime and the Australian Institute of Criminology even reported that there are more crimes committed against businesses than households.

Due to this present and growing security need for businesses, Salto created a cloud-based security solution to help companies and individuals to better secure their offices, facilities and resources.

Clay is an easy to install, easy to use wireless locking system. It uses the power of the cloud to give real-time access wherever the client may be. It’s a simplified access management system, which can even give smartphones the capability to secure an office in a snap.

“You simply replace your old locks with the Clay locks which are then connected wirelessly to your smartphone. With just a tap on the Clay app, you can easily lock or unlock your door, even if you’re out of the office,” explains Ben Dougall, Director at Omega Security Solutions.

Dubbed the future of security, Clay door locks will fit on almost every door and in most cases do not require any drilling. It comes in different finishes and handle designs to perfectly match a building’s existing look and interior design. Furthermore, it shows that security need not be boring.

Dougall continues, “These locks are paired with the ClayTag, a key that contains a secure encrypted RFID chip. It is near impossible to duplicate.”

“Another useful feature of this system is you can program it to only allow access to specific individuals during specific days or hours. For instance, you can set it to let an associate open the lock only during Mondays or from 9am to 12pm. This helps you monitor the people going in and out of a specific room or area” says Mr Dougall. “We’re really excited about the launch of this new product from Salto. It’s truly the way security is headed in the future.”

Omega Security can efficiently and quickly install the Clay system at any site without the need for IT infrastructure. The company also offers other app-based security solutions for access controls, security alarms[2] and CCTV systems.

To learn more about the recently released Clay by Salto wireless locking system, visit the Omega Security Solutions website or the manufacturer's site at[3][4]

About Omega Security Solutions
Since 1973, Omega Security Solutions[5] has been helping Australians protect their homes and their businesses. With humble beginnings as a small family business, their solid integrity and impressive work ethic have made them become recognised today as an industry leader in providing the latest security technology products. The company slogan has remained the same over the decades: “Good security is good business.”


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