wot.io(TM) and Kinoma Accelerate Time to Market for IoT Prototypes

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 21, 2014) - (Gigaom Structure Connect) -- wot.io™, which offers a data service exchange, today announced an agreement with Kinoma®, a tightly integrated design and engineering team residing at semiconductor giant Marvell, to advance enterprise-scale, rapid prototyping for product designers and makers in the IoT market.

Users of Kinoma Create, the JavaScript-powered IoT construction kit, now have access to a rapidly growing list of cloud data services through wot.io's exchange. wot.io's open operating platform allows all players in the IoT ecosystem to connect and share data regardless of device, standards, or connectivity creating a rich marketplace to bring together application creators, system integrators, analytics providers, and hardware companies. With this partnership, Kinoma Create developers can tap into the array of partners in the wot.io exchange to add fully realized, connected devices to the growing IoT market.

"Two of the major stumbling blocks that IoT product designers face in today's landscape are time to market and access to services that scale well," said Tom Gilley, Chief Technology Officer and Cofounder of wot.io. "Working with the Kinoma team, we will address those challenges for developers and equip them to build concepts into market-ready solutions."

The Apstrata and BipIO data services are available for Kinoma developers within the wot.io data service exchange, as well as connected device management services such as ARM® mbed™.

The Apstrata device management and data service available to all Kinoma developers, is a comprehensive secure backend for connected devices. Through its partnership with the wot.io exchange, Kinoma Create developers are able to apply Apstrata for Kinoma device management, data scripting, and data persistence.

"Kinoma Create streamlines the path from prototype to production of IoT devices by allowing a single language, JavaScript, to be used throughout development. wot.io complements that with a unified exchange of cloud data services, all easily accessible from JavaScript, that also scales from prototype to production," commented Peter Hoddie, Kinoma VP at Marvell Semiconductor. 

Go to http://kinoma.com/create/about to learn more.

About wot.io
Founded in 2014, wot.io offers a data service exchange for connected device platforms. The company solves the data integration challenge for organizations operating in the Internet of Things and Machine to Machine industry by unlocking data value from disparate connected device platforms. wot.io partners with data service providers to drive business ROI through platform-integrated data retention, device management, data management, analytics, business intelligence and social media offerings.

The wot.io name and logo are the property of WoT.io, Inc. ARM is a registered trademark and mbed is a trademark of ARM Limited (or its subsidiaries) in the EU and/or elsewhere. All other company or product names, brands, trademarks, and logos are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.

All Kinoma Create developers have free access to wot.io's data service exchange and are entitled to up to 10 GB / month of free data flow. Offer is for a limited time and is subject to change. For more information, please visit wot.io/get-started/kinoma-create/

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