MONTPELLIER, France and BENTONVILLE, Arkansas (September 29, 2014) – RFID label manufacturer Tageos has entered into a patent licensing agreement with Round Rock Research LLC for radio frequency identification (RFID) tags and labels to strengthen its position to support the adoption of UHF RFID at the item-level, especially for apparel retailers and brands.

This agreement allows Tageos to provide RFID labels and tags to suppliers and end-users including retailers, brand owners and partners in the U.S. and around the world. Tageos customers can confidently move forward with full RFID deployments and reap the value of RFID in their business. Item-level RFID is being adopted by the apparel industry at an accelerating rate around the world, and retailers are seeing significant improvements in their business processes, invento­ry visibility and accuracy and shelf availability, and have seen marked improvements in their omnichannel retail business. Tageos looks forward to spurring on the adoption of RFID tagging solutions and help customers improve their business performance.

“This agreement, along with our recent won deals with European leaders in luxury and retail apparel sectors, will allow Tageos to accelerate its development in the U.S. and support RFID adoption”, said Matthieu Picon, Tageos co-founder and CEO. “Our customers will be able to benefit from our lower cost 100% paper-based RFID labels, ensuring them the opportunity to continue to deploy RFID solutions while reducing their RFID budget.”

About Tageos

Tageos designs, manufactures and sells globally patented 100-percent paper-based passive UHF RFID labels for item-level tagging of consumer goods and business assets that are significantly lower-cost yet match the performance of alternative plastic inlay-based tags. The Tageos product range of ready-to-use RFID labels is extensive, allowing customers to conve­niently label a variety of items of various shapes and sizes. Leading RFID labs, including the University of Arkansas ARC Certification and the European EPC Competence Center (EECC), certify Tageos’ labels. The company is based in Montpel­lier, France, and has sales offices in Bentonville, Arkansas. For more information, visit www.tageos.com or follow on Twitter @Tageos.