Tageos Releases New UHF RFID Labels With Latest Impinj Chips

MONTPELLIER, France and BENTONVILLE, Arkansas (November 26, 2014) – RFID label manufacturer Tageos has added to its UHF RFID labels product range four new 100% paper-based EPC Gen 2 passive UHF RFID labels equipped with the latest next-generation Impinj Monza R6 RFID chip. The EOS-300 R6, EOS-400 R6, EOS-500 R6, and the new EOS-210 R6 will allow Tageos’ customers to experience increased performance at a lower label cost.

Tageos extends its product line with a new small tag format getting several steps closer to fulfilling retailers’ growing needs for low cost item-level apparel labeling and tagging solutions.

As apparel retailers’ adoption of RFID is rapidly accelerating, so too does their demand for cost-effective RFID item-level labeling solutions as they expand their RFID deployments and roll-outs.

In order to address this growing demand, Tageos has released a new label, the EOS-210. With a reduced form factor of 45x30mm (1.77×1.18in), it is suitable for tagging a variety of small fashion items and meets retailers’ critical needs of smaller RFID labels. The EOS-210 comes equipped with the next-generation Impinj Monza R6 RFID chip.

Tageos also upgraded its existing UHF RFID range with the Monza R6 chip and is able to provide its customers with a comprehensive label family suitable for tagging multiple product categories (including hanging apparel, denim, poly-bagged apparel, shoes…). Tageos positions itself as one of the most advanced and price-competitive one-stop shop supplier of UHF RFID labels.

Next-generation RFID chip, increased performance

The improved read and write sensitivity of the Monza R6 chip and its AutoTune feature which maximizes tag receive sensitivity, has allowed Tageos to develop and manufacture labels with dramatically improved read range and performance:

  • The EOS-210 is a brand new label especially designed for retailers wanting to tag small items. With a form factor of 45x30mm (1.77×1.18in) as an adhesive label; it’s perfectly adapted for small fashion item tagging such as: poly-bagged items, men and ladies underwear, and related accessories.
  • The EOS-300 R6 is suitable for all apparel product categories and offers a comfortable tag size for printing product information (54x34mm/2.13×1.34in). The EOS-300 is a general tag and offers a read range consistently balanced for reliable tag reading at FCC & ETSI operating frequencies.
  • The EOS-400 R6 offers the best ratio in terms of performance compared to the reduced tag size (74x21mm/2.91×0.83in) and price. This tag is especially designed for apparel tagging needs and already used by many fashion and luxury brands.
  • The EOS-500 R6 (100x26mm/3.94×1.02in) is the most powerful tag among the Tageos range. The tag is perfect for applications needing a high reading distance such as carton or pallet tagging and identification in the retail industry supply chains.

“AutoTune technology in Monza R6 tag chips compensates for environmental detuning effects resulting in consistently high performing inlays. We are excited to see Tageos taking advantage of AutoTune to achieve breakthrough performance gains in their environmentally friendly RFID tags that are devoid of plastic,” said Nikhil Deulkar, Monza Product Marketing Director at Impinj.

“Since the Monza R6 was released in early 2014, we have worked hard to offer our customers a complete tag family improved with the latest technology upgrades,” said Matthieu Picon, CEO of Tageos, “A large number of fashion brands have shown an interest in our 100% paper-based RFID labels especially with the increased tag performance conveyed by the Monza R6 chip. Many of them were impressed and have started the process of switching to the latest tag versions. The cost savings gained by Tageos customers who turn to a single vendor for all their labeling needs add up to the savings they achieve on each Tageos label, which are up to 30% lower cost than competing plastic inlay-based tags.”

About Tageos

Tageos designs, manufactures and sells globally patented 100-percent paper-based passive UHF RFID labels for item-level tagging of consumer goods and business assets that are significantly lower-cost yet match the performance of alternative plastic inlay-based tags. The Tageos product range of ready-to-use RFID labels is extensive, allowing customers to conveniently label a variety of items of various shapes and sizes. Leading RFID labs, including the University of Arkansas ARC Certification and the European EPC Competence Center (EECC), certify Tageos’ labels. The company is based in Montpellier, France, and has sales offices in Bentonville, Arkansas. For more information about Tageos, visit www.tageos.com or follow us on Twitter @Tageos.

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About Impinj

Impinj is the leading provider of UHF RFID solutions that provide Item Intelligence in the retail, pharmaceutical, healthcare, food and beverage, and many other industries. Impinj works at the intersection of Big Data and the Internet of Things to identify, locate and authenticate items, and its platform comprises the world’s most comprehensive and widely adopted RFID product portfolio, including tag chips, reader chips, fixed readers, software and innovations that support complete solutions. Founded by globally recognized Ph.D. engineers, Impinj has led standards-setting processes while accumulating over 200 patents and developing the technology currently deployed on billions of items worldwide to manage inventory, prevent counterfeits and track goods. Impinj’s direct and indirect customers include many of the largest and most familiar names in global business. For more information about Impinj, visit www.impinj.com.

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