Cost of Excess Worker Motion Kills Warehouse and Distribution Center Profit Margins


PRLog[1] - Dec. 5, 2014 - The Picking Perfection newsletter reported how easy it is to underestimate how much excess worker motion, product transportation, and touches can cost an organization. Bringing mobile power technology into the receiving, picking, shipping, and/or inventory management process eliminates costly footsteps and creates rapid and significant changes in volumes, accuracy, and efficiency. Mobile power can help obtain measurable productivity gains and significant cost savings without months of planning and implementation. One of the key takeaways from ProMAT 2015 will be learning how mobile power technology can significantly increase speed and throughput while reducing labor costs in receiving, picking, shipping, and inventory management processes. Attendees will see real-case examples (with compelling quantitative data) where mobile power has been effectively implemented in the warehouse, and review justification tools to make a case and get buy-in from IT and management.

Picking Perfection brings important and interesting information to those in the material handling, warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing sectors.  From best practices to industry data, this weekly communique reports trend data, process improvement, and technology evaluations about picking, packing, shipping and profitability.

Pcdata USA will be exhibiting at ProMAT Conference Booth #4564 in Chicago, IL from March 23-26, 2015.

Pcdata USA Pick-to-light systems are part of a lean process, offering shorter throughput times, fewer errors, significant cost savings;  additionally the result is increased customer satisfaction, a faster ability to supply products, and process transparency. Traditional picking methods are one of highest expenses when operating a warehouse. Pcdata USA lowers that cost through leading edge Pick-to-light systems. Pcdata USA installation versus implementation products are experiencing huge growth in hundreds of business sectors throughout North America.

Pcdata USA  is a global logistics systems leader for supply chain automation.   Pcdata USA offers affordable out-of-the-box warehouse optimization solutions. Contact Pcdata USA at (855) 844-1086. Follow Pcdata USA on Twitter @pcdatausa.

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