ZebraTechnologiesAnnouncesExecutive Appointments

MikeTerzich appointedChief AdministrativeOfficer; Juliann Larimer joins executivestaff as ChiefMarketing Officer

Lincolnshire, Ill. ‒ Dec.10, 2014 ZebraTechnologiesCorporation(NASDAQ: ZBRA), aglobal leader in products and solutions that provide real-time visibilityinto organizations’ assets, people and transactions,todayannouncedthat MikeTerzich has been appointed ChiefAdministrativeOfficer,anewly-created position, and Juliann Larimer has been promoted to ChiefMarketingOfficer.

MikeTerzichs expanded portfolio of responsibilities, which includes business transformation, organizational development and human resources, will help Zebrabuild on the positive momentum alreadygenerated in the integration ofthe Enterprise business that we acquired from Motorola Solutions,”stated Anders Gustafsson,Zebra’s chief executiveofficer. With Zebraformorethan 20years, Mikehas demonstratedan ability to lead the organizationthroughchange. His appointment willenable him to build on his work as head of our Integration Management Office.”

Mr. Gustafsson added,Juliann brings a uniqueblend oftalent andexperienceto the CMO role, which includes perspectivegained from servingin leadership positions in both Zebraand Motorola Solutions formorethan adecade. Shehasadeepunderstanding ofZebra’s channel partners and customers, and an unwavering commitment to help them succeed. We look to 2015 with optimismin our abilityto captureincreasingopportunities to delivermorehigh-valuesolutions to our customers through the industrys strongest, mostcomprehensivego-to-market channels.

Mr. Terzich most recentlyserved as Zebra’s ChiefMarketingOfficer,afterserving as Senior VicePresident, Global Sales and Marketing from 2011 to September2014. Since joiningZebrain 1992, Mr. Terzich served in a varietyofroles throughout the organization, includingSenior VicePresident, Officeof theCEO, VicePresident of Strategic Project Management and Director,Integration Project Management. Mr. Terzich earned his BS degreein Marketing from theUniversityofIllinois-Chicagoand an MBAfromLoyola Universityof Chicago.

Ms.Larimer, an experienced B2Bexecutive, rejoined Zebra in October2014,following threeyears with Motorola Solutions, most recentlyasVicePresident, Americas

Marketing. Responsibilities in this role included: industry, product andfield marketing; marketingoperations, and marketing automation forMotorolas largest region.At Motorola, Ms.Larimer also held positions as VicePresident, Global Sales Operations& Channels, and VicePresident, Worldwide Channel Sales.In her prior tenure atZebra, Ms.Larimerheld various positions of increasing responsibilityin salesandmarketing. Ms.Larimer’scareeralso includes positions in NCRCorporation,IBM, Accenture, and Bridgestone Corporation.Sheis a graduate of Vanderbilt Universityand TheKellogg School of Management of Northwestern University.

InOctober2014,Zebraacquired the Enterprise business of MotorolaSolutions,Inc. for $3.45 billion in cash.

About Zebra Technologies

Zebra(NASDAQ:ZBRA)makes businessesas smart and connected as theworld welive in. Zebratrackingand visibilitysolutions transform thephysical to digital,creatingthe data streams enterprisesneed  to simplifyoperations, know more about their businesses, and empower their mobile workforces.Formoreinformation, visit www.zebra.com/possibilities.