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PRLog[1] - Dec. 11, 2014 - For many manufacturing processes, the key requirement of an industrial label printer is to produce labels fast, on demand and in-sync with the production line. This usually requires high quality label printing of a standard design carried out at high speed.

For some applications, however, greater label printing flexibility is required. Labels may be required to carry highly specific product information. The labels themselves may need to be tougher or of a particular high quality to suit the type of product, packaging or environment into which the product is delivered. Examples of the sort of usage which require a particularly high quality, short or individual production run labelling could include tyre labelling, rating plates for electric motors or switchgear or batch labels for display on bin boxes or product display units.

http://www.quicklabel.co.uk/ is well known throughout the industrial and production world for its high quality, high speed in-house label printing machines. QuickLabel’sKiaro! Family of label printers is particularly highly regarded as the standard industry workhorse in quality, high speed production line label printing.

For very high quality, robust, individual label printing, something different is required, and QuickLabel’s QLS-4100 Xecolour thermal label printer is the answer.

The QLS-4100 Xe comes into its own where the manufacturing process calls for highly durable colour labels to be printed in real time, on demand and with unique product information which varies from one label to the next, including barcodes, product production specific data, colour codes or personalised text. Although the QLS-4100 Xe is designed to be rugged enough to hold its own on the factory floor, its quiet operation and compact size also makes it suitable for location in an office environment if required.

In many cases, customers require a label printer which can integrate with the production process to automatically apply labels as the product comes off the line. In common with QuickLabel’s other industrial label printing products, the QLS-4100 Xe is fully compatible with enterprise software and with in-line packaging systems via its applicator mode to form a true colour label printer-applicator system.

From tyre manufacturing to medical equipment production, from electronics to frozen food. If your business requires highly flexible and robust product or packaging labelling, the QLS-4100 Xe may be the machine for you.


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