Muzzley's IoT Platform Enables Intelligent Predictive Behavior


Benefits a Growing Number of Industry Partners and Consumers With Compatible Devices

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Jan 8, 2015) - Muzzley, an Internet of Things platform that enables manufacturers to easily connect their devices to the IoT world, and their customers to gather all of their smart devices together and control them via a simple mobile app, announces the launch of its new machine learning feature. By implementing an intelligent algorithm, all Muzzley compatible devices become intelligent as soon as they integrate with the platform, i.e. they will not only respond to manually set up rules of home automation but also learn the user's behavior, context and habits. Based on these learnings, Muzzley suggests actions designed to streamline and optimize the user's interactions with his or her smart home devices.

"In the past, users of home connected devices have been forced to manually set up rules to manage their devices. This tedious process essentially requires the user to adapt to the device. That's backwards! By adding intelligent predictive behavior to our platform Muzzley is bringing a new experience to users that enables intelligent home devices to adapt to the user. This is the way forward," said Eduardo Pinheiro, Co-Founder and CEO of Muzzley.

"Moreover, smart device manufacturers benefit greatly from integrating with our platform," said Pinheiro. "Muzzley not only provides these makers with the technology, documentation and tools they need to enhance their products. Our new intelligence feature also makes it much easier for their customers to use their products. Ease of use and rapid time-to-market translates to a real competitive advantage in the marketplace."

Growing Number of Industry Partnerships

Muzzley is working with a growing number of industry partners, and is an active member of the AllSeen Alliance. The AllSeen Alliance and Muzzley are co-exhibiting at CES 2015. Philip Des Autels, senior director, IoT of the Alliance added: "Muzzley is one of the dedicated member companies of the AllSeen Alliance, collaborating to deliver on the promise of the Internet of Everything. By simultaneously building on and contributing to the open source AllJoyn framework, Muzzley is helping lead the way to an open, interoperable future of connected everything."

Muzzley is collaboratively working with Intel®, bringing Muzzley's capabilities to Intel's® Galileo and Edison platforms. Morris Beton, Intel's Software and Services Vice President and General Manager added: "We launched the Intel® IoT Developer Program earlier last year with a goal to encourage the broad ecosystem adoption of Intel® Galileo and Edison. Muzzley on Intel® Galileo and Edison is a great example of industry collaboration that will enable developers to build creative IoT solutions in the home automation space."

Growing Number of Compatible Devices

EnOcean is the originator of patented energy-harvesting wireless sensor technology. The EnOcean switch was the first device to integrate with Muzzley. "The Internet of Things is projected to entail billions of sensors. Connecting these interoperable devices into intelligent systems can only be realized using open standards based interfaces," says Jim O'Callaghan, President of EnOcean Inc. "It's great to see Muzzley breaking down the boundaries between standards and bridging them together. This type of integrated solution together with maintenance-free energy harvesting wireless devices is mandatory to take full advantage of the opportunities of an IoT."

An increasing number of devices are compatible with Muzzley, including:

  • INSTEON, creators of the world's premier home automation and control technology
  • LightwaveRF, offering a range of retrofit power, light and room-by-room heating control and monitoring devices and IngeniumRF Smart Lighting solutions
  • Koubachi Plant Sensor, measuring soil moisture, sunlight, infrared light, ambient and soil temperature, and the
  • Netatmo Personal Weather Station

Visit[1] to find a complete list of Muzzley compatible devices.

Muzzley demos the Muzzley IoT Platform, including the new machine learning features, at CES 2015 in the Sands Expo, Halls A-C, Smart Home section, booth #71217. The AllSeen Alliance[2] is co-exhibiting with Muzzley.

About Muzzley
Muzzley was founded in 2012. We have offices in Lisbon, Portugal and Sunnyvale, California. The Muzzley IoT platform is designed to enable manufacturers to easily add powerful IoT capabilities to their products. The Muzzley app is designed to enable users to easily enjoy those products by gathering their connected devices into a single app that intelligently responds to their needs. Muzzley will revolutionize the way people interact with machines, transforming interaction with devices from pure control or linear automation to truly smart relationships and cooperation between devices. We believe that intelligent devices should be easy to use and respond to and conform to users. We're glad to be working with a growing number of industry leading partners and manufacturers to help us realize this vision.

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