Surging Demand to Modernize Food Safety Drives Landmark 2014 for Sample6

Technology Innovator Accelerates Growth by Transforming Pathogen Testing for Top Brands

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Jan 27, 2015) -  Sample6[1] today announced a milestone 2014 as the food industry embraces the shift to proactive testing to make food safer. Revolutionizing the pathogen detection process, Sample6's advanced bioillumination technology and analytics platform reduces testing time to a single shift and simplifies the analysis process -- catching potential product issues before they leave the plant and enter the consumer food chain.

With more than 50 sites across more than 40 forward-thinking companies (e.g., ConAgra, OSI Group) completing successful pilots during the initial beta process, Sample6 closed out the year with nine top food companies in active production. Early success stories include: Dietz & Watson[2], New England Charcuterie[3], RLS Logistics[4], as well as a Fortune 100 ice cream company.

"I love the Sample6 technology and believe that time to results is absolutely critical for effective food safety initiatives. It also needs to be easy. Sample6 delivers both," noted New England Charcuterie Owner and Executive Chef Josh Smith. "I want my team to focus on creating the world's best charcuterie. Sample6 lets us do just that while ensuring our top quality products are also as safe as possible."

The company launched its first products in 2014: Sample6 DETECT[5] and Sample6 CONTROL[6] for Listeria. After earning AOAC-RI Certification[7] for its Listeria environmental diagnostic, the company shifted research and development efforts to expand the food safety revolution to Salmonella and food matrix testing. Sample6 also moved to a much larger office in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2014 and plans to roll out more food testing advances while increasing employee headcount throughout the year.

"Before Sample6, bacteria testing took days -- allowing potentially contaminated food to get into the hands of consumers and causing massive recalls and health concerns. That reactive approach is simply unacceptable now thanks to advances in technology like the Sample6 bioillumination platform," added Sample6 CEO Tim Curran[8]. "We expect the food industry to increasingly seek out proactive ways to ensure product safety and quality. We will continue to partner with forward-thinking industry leaders to meet our mission to make food safer and secure the global food chain."

About Sample6

Sample6 is making food safer by delivering two powerful tools to the food industry, Sample6 DETECT™ and Sample6 CONTROL™. Sample6 DETECT is an enrichment-free, on-site, in-shift pathogen diagnostic. This advancement paired with powerful analytics from Sample6 CONTROL will shift food safety from reaction to prevention, which is the primary goal of the FSMA and HAACP initiatives in the United States. Food processors from meat, seafood, dairy, produce, dry goods have already partnered with Sample6 in order to integrate these revolutionary products into their plants. For more information, please visit[9].


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