Montpellier, FRANCE and Envigado, COLOMBIA (January 26, 2015) – Tageos – a France-based RFID label manufacturer – and Kereon – with more than 25-years experienced as an RFID distributor and systems integrator in Colombia – announced today their partnership for the distribution of Tageos 100% paper-based UHF RFID labels in Colombia and surrounding regions. The partnership will allow Tageos to reach the fast growing demand for RFID labels in South America.

Thanks to Tageos’ comprehensive portfolio of UHF RFID labels and tags, Kereon will be able to offer RFID consumables at a significantly lower price, and provide to their customers cost-effective RFID solutions. Together Tageos and Kereon can offer to customers RFID solutions that are eco-friendly with products that have substantially less waste materials than traditional products.

We are excited to see Tageos landing in Colombia with its lower-cost and environmentally friendly RFID products,” said Roberto Rossetti, President at Kereon, “we are persuaded that this collaboration will drive new opportunities in Colombia and Latin America.

Kereon will showcase Tageos’ RFID labels at ColombiaTex 2015 (January 27-29, 2015, Medellin, Colombia).
Samples and brochures are available at Kereon-Fornimaq Group booth #1520.

About Tageos

Tageos designs, manufactures and sells globally patented 100% paper-based passive UHF RFID labels for item-level tagging of consumer goods and business assets that are significantly lower-cost yet match the performance of alternative plastic inlay-based tags. The Tageos product range of ready-to-use RFID labels is extensive, allowing customers to conveniently label a variety of items of various shapes and sizes. Leading RFID labs, including the University of Auburn ARC Certification and the European EPC Competence Center (EECC), certify Tageos’ labels. The company is based in Montpellier, France, and has sales offices in Bentonville, Arkansas. Tageos is a member of RAIN RFID Alliance. For more information about Tageos, visit www.tageos.com or follow us on Twitter @Tageos.

Tageos is a registered trademark of Tageos SAS

About Kereon

Kereon is a producer and converter of RFID consumables, specializing in producing custom made products. With a wide partnership network, Kereon is a leading producer of RFID products in South and Central America offering fast-turn custom solutions. Kereon is also a leading distributor of RFID products for partners including: Tageos, Impinj, Caen, CSL, Tracetech, Firefly, Tracetoo, and Ngway. Kereon’s motto is to protect the environment by providing “green” sustainable technologies, and satisfy customers with the world-class quality solutions. For more information about Kereon, visit www.kereonsolutions.com

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