Tracking Items with Different Lengths, Widths and Colors

BellHawk Systems announces the availability of an Item Configuration module for its BellHawk barcode Work-in-Process and Inventory tracking software. This enables parts with different lengths, widths, colors and other user defined attributes to be tracked using a single part number.

This solves the problem of tracking off-cuts.  A manufacturing company can receive whole sheets, rolls, or lengths of material and then track the size of left-over material returned to stock, all with a single part number.

This module enables uniformity of accounting by tracking the cost of materials by the square foot or unit length.  It also enables quantities of material returned to stock to be determined by weighing the rolls, reels or sheets.

This BellHawk Item Configuration option makes it much easier to implement make-to-order tracking systems. Customer orders can be entered for a generic part with the color, size, and logos specified at the time of order entry. Then these same attributes are carried along automatically to the job created from the order and finally to the picking and packing operations.

For more details, please see the Item Configuration data sheet, reachable from the Data Sheets tab on or a white paper on the same topic, reachable from the White Papers tab.