AIM Selected as International Registration Authority

Association to Manage Issuing Agency Codes for ISO/IEC 15459 Standard

Cranberry Township, PAApril 1, 2015 –  AIM, the leading industry association and worldwide authority on barcode, RFID, RTLS and mobile computing, has been designated as the International Registration Authority (RA) for the ISO/IEC 15459 Standard on unique identification by the International Organization for Standardization). In this capacity, AIM will be responsible for handling all aspects of the registration, issuance and tracking of Issuing Agency Codes related to ISO/IEC 15459.

The ISO/IEC 15459 Standard, Information technology -- Automatic identification and data capture techniques -- Unique identification, is a six part series that was published as a revision in 2014 to address technological advances in the years since ISO/IEC 15459 was first issued. It specifies a unique string of characters for the identification of things such as individual transport units, individual products and returnable transport items. The character string is intended to be represented in a barcode label or other AIDC media attached to the entity to meet management needs.

There are considerable benefits if the identity of the entity is represented as a barcode or other AIDC (Automatic Identification & Data Capture) media and attached to or made a constituent part of that which is being uniquely identified so that

* it can be read electronically, thus minimizing errors;

* one identity can be used by all parties;

* each party can use the identity to look up its computer files to find the data associated with the entity.

"It’s an honor to be chosen by an organization as prestigious as ISO to be the International Registration Authority for this standard,” said Mary Lou Bosco, Chief Operating Officer of AIM. "It is also a testament to the members of AIM who have dedicated their time and efforts in the continuing work of standards development, enhancement and adoption within the AIDC industry. Ultimately, this work provides benefits to businesses worldwide and has a positive effect for individual consumers as well.”

Those interested in learning more about ISO/IEC 15459, obtaining an Issuing Agency Code, or other matters related to AIDC, can visit the AIM // website, or call AIM Headquarters at +1.724.742.4470.

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