TXT Retail Launches Supply Chain Collaboration Software

TXTChain 6.0 sets new standards of connectivity and usability, also featuring “mobile optimized”

TXT Retail, a specialist provider of integrated and collaborative end-to-end solutions for the fashion, luxury and consumer sectors, announces it is launching a major new release of its Supply Chain Collaboration software: TXTChain 6.0, now available on Azure.

A flagship product for TXT, covering all aspects of production, inventory and logistics collaboration between a company and its global partners, TXTChain currently connects over 2500 organizations worldwide: leading fashion brands and retailers with their suppliers, carriers, logistics service providers. The new 6.0 version has been replatformed using HTML5 and completely redesigned in collaboration with Microsoft Corp.

Capitalizing on the modern style of the Microsoft user interface (UI), the new 6.0 version features tiles which are alive with activity. This UI is more interactive, allowing users to easily apply filters, select, change, order or hide columns according to tasks. Intuitive dashboard indicators use process highlighting for critical situations, and with a simple touch, users can open and navigate to the details, gain all insights and take the appropriate corrective actions.

The solution design is optimised for mobile usage and responsive to any online device, thanks to the use of the HTML5 technology. This enhances the ability for users to better manage their deliveries, monitor the status of their transportation or shipping orders, regardless of where they are, or which device they are using.

In the era of global operations and global mobility,” states Simone Pozzi, EVP Managing Director at TXT Retail, “TXTChain 6.0 helps organizations orchestrate their supply chain ecosystem, collaborate and synchronize with suppliers, all with new levels of usability, connectivity and transparency.”

The availability on Azure marks another important step ahead in terms of global accessibility, scalability and total cost of ownership, according to TXT:

“TXTChain supports extensive collaboration between geographically scattered organizations of all sizes, from large multinational fashion brands, to their small specialized suppliers in the Far East. The ability to physically distribute the application and to allow easy global access and visibility positively impacts the responsiveness and quality of the end-to-end process. Reduced operating costs and scalability are among the benefits of using Microsoft Azure,” adds Pozzi.

“The modern, globally connected supply chain demands real-time solutions that leverage the power and ubiquity of the cloud,” said Brendan O’Meara, Managing Director, Worldwide Retail and Consumer Goods at Microsoft. “Microsoft is pleased that TXT Retail has chosen Azure as the platform providing its next-generation TXTChain 6.0 solution.”

About TXT Retail

TXT Retail, is the first mover and leading provider of integrated and collaborative end-to-end Planning, PLM and Supply Chain Collaboration solutions for the Luxury, Fashion and Consumer sectors. The TXT Retail solution is based on a flexible platform that encompasses the full spectrum of activities involved with planning, designing, delivery, and managing your assortment through every stage of its lifecycle.  The TXT Retail projects leverage the TXT AgileFit best practices processes and reference applications which ensure high quality and fast benefit generation.TXT Retail  counts on more than 300 employees and serves more than 300 Fashion, Retail and Luxury customers worldwide, including leading global players such as Aeropostale, Arcadia Group, Auchan, Bestseller, Carphone Warehouse, Desigual, Dior, Geox, Guess, Levi Strauss & Co., Louis Vuitton Malletier, Monoprix, Pandora, Sephora and Tesco.

TXT Retail Global Headquarters are in Milan, Italy with offices in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK and USA. TXT Retail collaborates with selected specialized partners worldwide.

TXT Retail is part of TXT e-solutions, the company is listed on the Italian Stock Exchange (TXT.MI)  


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