Quantum Knowledge Strategic Solutions Launches Advanced Compliance Management Software

SOURCE: Quantum Knowledge Strategic Solutions

Quantum Knowledge Strategic Solutions

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - Apr 1, 2015) - Software startup Quantum Knowledge Strategic Solutions[1] will debut its first module-based software product, ArtisX4[2] on April 15. ArtisX4 is a compliance management software suite that allows users to easily track and monitor employee training, qualifications, and certifications.

Rick Jacobs, chief executive officer of Quantum Knowledge Strategic Solutions, is a former deputy sheriff and police instructor. He said he started the company because he was frustrated by the lack of affordable, user-friendly compliance management tools, and saw a need to change how technology is developed for public safety and private security.

"Most compliance tools are developed and sold in a way that's totally at odds with the mission of public safety," Jacobs said. "ArtisX4 is specifically designed to put safety and usability before profitability. I've seen first-hand how bad software can put people and organizations at risk, so we developed this software with an insider's perspective."

ArtisX4 provides administrators with complete control over their organization's compliance database. Personnel records, training schedules, inventory and training documents are all easily accessible through the software. ArtisX4 automatically reminds administrators and trainers about upcoming lessons or expirations.

A robust scheduling tool allows administrators to easily sort and schedule groups for events, and ArtisX4's built-in conflict catching tool ensures that there are no complications.

ArtisX4 is customizable and organizations can use their own labels and terminology within the software.

"ArtisX4 is easy to use. People don't have time to learn a bunch of code. Compliance is too important for that to be a barrier to adoption," Jacobs said. "Everything is in plain English and designed with the end-user's convenience in mind."

In addition to providing companies with an easy way to monitor and maintain compliance with legal requirements, ArtisX4 has a built in level of liability litigation defense with security structure, permanent records, and granular historical data. ArtisX4 utilizes backend encryption and records cannot be changed after 30 days or deleted.

ArtisX4 is designed to fit within the discretionary spending of most organizations and is available as a subscription or stand-alone installation. There are no record limits, seat licenses, or user limits, and support is included for the life of the contract. The software is never shut off, even at the expiration of the contract.

"We want to provide agencies and companies with options that work for them according to their comfort level and budget. We consider ourselves partners in safety, so we will always offer personal support. We also recognize that mission critical data is too important to lose, so we never shut off the software," Jacobs said.

Prior to the official ArtisX4 launch, Quantum Knowledge is offering ten free-for-life licenses to organizations interested in joining the Quantum Knowledge Pioneers Program. Pioneers will provide valuable feedback to further improve and expand ArtisX4's capabilities. For more information on the Quantum Knowledge Pioneers Program, visit the program's registration page[3].

ArtisX4 is available for purchase on April 15 at www.qks2.com[4].


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