Hanging Job Ticket Holders Protect Documents in Any Environment

DIGHTON, MA--(Marketwired - Apr 8, 2015) -[1] has introduced a full line of standard, off-the shelf hanging clear plastic holders for protecting documents in assembly, MRO, production, and other industrial environments.

Vinylenvelope Hanging Tag Protectors[2] are clear flexible vinyl pouches and pockets that come in a variety of standard styles and sizes for use with job tickets, work orders, inventory cards, maintenance records, production schedules, and related documents. Designed to protect documents and remain with the workflow, they come in 39 stock sizes for #1 to #8 manila tags and other sleeve styles and sizes which are all available off-the-shelf.

Made from heavy 8-gauge, 8-mil clear, barcode scannable PVC, Vinylenvelope Hanging Tag Protectors are offered with open-long or open-short sides and include hang holes. These PVC pouches[3] and sleeves are also available with magnetic strips, protective flaps, and Magna-Hinge® Vinyl Pockets with a tab and an embedded rare earth magnet that can loop around a wire rack.

Vinylenvelope Hanging Tag Protectors are offered at[4] and custom sizes, special adhesives and configurations are also available.

About[5] is the complete source for an extensive line of innovative and standard products to protect, display, store, prepare, and organize all of your stuff! They stock a wide range of products for offices, retail stores, manufacturers, distributors, homes, schools, crafters, and hobbyists. They specialize in manufacturing high-quality clear flexible vinyl self-adhesive pockets[6], sleeves, pouches and holders with permanent pressure sensitive adhesive backing, hanging vinyl tag protectors, fleet gas card holders, magnetic hangers, and much more.


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