RFID Inventory Mgmt Device The Quicklock Padlock Now Shipping

The Only RFID + Bluetooth + Inventory-Management Smart Padlock Now Available for $49.95

LEHI, UT--(Marketwired - Apr 8, 2015) - SafeTech Products today announced the reduction in price for their smart padlock, The Quicklock Padlock, from $79 to $49.95. It is now shipping product. This makes The Quicklock Padlock the first and only Bluetooth and RFID-enabled smart padlock available on the market. The free Bluetooth app for both iPhone and Android smartphones is presently being qualified through the Apple store.

The SafeTech Products team has made breakthroughs in design and manufacturing that has afforded them the ability to lower the padlock's price. "Our locking system makes access quick and easy with Bluetooth and RFID 'near-wave' technology. Moreover, our solutions offer affordable access control in a stand-alone package with functionality that rivals inventory systems that cost thousands of dollars," said Ryan Hyde, CEO of SafeTech products. "The Quicklock Padlock is an advanced access control solution for less than $50!"

The Quicklock Padlock opens through a smartphone app or, if you don't have your phone on you, by simply waving a RFID-enabled tag, ring, bracelet, fob or card. This basic no cost app is compatible with phones running iOS and Android. For customized apps, SafeTech can also provide advanced asset management control to track who accessed the lock and when, assign temporary access to others at specific times and more; these features are an additional fee.

Hyde added, "At this price point, you can replace your lock and key padlocks with The Quicklock Padlock. This is the objective we wanted to accomplish."

With the launch of The Quicklock Padlock, it becomes the first and only RFID and Bluetooth-enabled smart electronic padlock in production and available. It is much more than just a smart lock -- it can be a portable inventory management solution with just the push of a button.

Pricing and Availability
The Quicklock Padlock is available now for shipment at www.thequicklock.com[1] for $49.95. Bulk-rate pricing for business and industrial applications also available.

About SafeTech Products
SafeTech Products, based in Lehi, Utah, is led by CEO and founder Ryan Hyde who is a product development engineer, NFC and Bluetooth expert. In 2013, he and his award-winning team released TheGunBox, www.thegunbox.com[2]. SafeTech Products is applying its unique expertise to develop an extensive line of smart electronic locking devices, products and custom-licensed projects, designed for consumers, small-to-medium businesses and a variety of industrial applications. More information about SafeTech Products, its leadership and product offerings can be found at www.SafeTechProducts.com[3].


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