Maker Faire Bay Area Announces Makers Exhibiting at 10th Anniversary Event

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - April 23, 2015) - Maker Faire Bay Area 2015, the Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth, will bring together over 1,200 Makers to share their projects, passions for making, and experiences playing an integral role in the Maker Movement. Exhibiting at the 10th anniversary of Maker Faire Bay Area will be Makers who have been involved from the beginning as well as new Makers -- over 25% of all exhibitors -- who are joining them as pacesetters of the Maker Movement. These new Makers have been inspired by a decade of Makers who are leading the Maker Movement and showing the world that we are all makers, changing the way we learn, create, and see the future. The inspiration that fuels the passion in these Makers in turn excites society as a whole and positively impacts our changing world.

"When we launched Maker Faire in 2006, we wanted to bring the community together to meet Makers, to share and celebrate their projects, successes, and failures, and to show the world that everyone is a Maker," said Sherry Huss, vice president of Maker Media and co-founder of Maker Faire. "Maker Faire has expanded in tandem with fast-growing movements such robotics, drones, computing, the DIY boom, wearables, IoT, 3D printing, space science, cars, sensors, mobile, and more. We've accomplished what we set out to do, and are thrilled to see the Faire, and the Maker Movement, grow and prosper around the world."

The event will continue to be curated in ways that give attendees the opportunity to unearth new projects and offerings from Makers, and better understand how the Maker Movement is impacting their own lives. The range of Makers included in this 10th anniversary event has broadened to include more young Makers, new groups of Makers, Makers representing more international communities, and more. Attendees will take in the amazing creations, products, inspiration, hobbies, innovations, and inventions covering an assortment of hot topics such 3D printing, kinetic sculptures, wearables, design, trends in food making, STEAM exposure for school-age kids, sustainability, microcontrollers, education, and much more.

The list of Makers exhibiting at Maker Faire Bay Area 2015 can be found here:[1]. Highlights from the exhibitor list include:

  • Aquatrope[2]: A self-powered and electric, pedal-assisted mobile art sculpture. Created by Maker Richard Wilks, Aquatrope explores how profoundly society is intertwined with a vital resource, water. It makes a powerful statement with its beauty and holistic message about how water is crucial to our human existence and to the health and survival of the natural world.
  • The CoasterDad Project[3]: Local Bay Area maker, Will Pemble, is bringing one of his world-famous, custom backyard roller coasters to the Faire. He'll be sharing with attendees his experience making the roller coaster and his love for physics, fun, and making.
  • Conductak[4]: An electrically conductive sticky tack that is used to prototype circuits and mount components practically anywhere. At the Faire, attendees can use Conductak to create their other simple projects and test the usability of Conductak.
  • EarthMover[5]: Made from excavators and excavator parts, EarthMover is a large sculpture of an ant, paying homage to the power and determination of ants. Several parts of the sculpture are kinetic and can be controlled by Faire goers.
  • FARMcurious[6]: Educating, inspiring, and equipping people with an interest in re-connecting with where their food comes from and making their own artisan food from scratch. At the Faire, attendees can learn about cheese-making, fermenting, meat curing, and much more from the FARMcurious team.
  • Gocupi[7]: A robot that draws on vertical surfaces. It's open-sourced, powered by a Raspberry Pi, has an Arduino-driven motor control board, uses the Go programming language, and produces beautifully detailed drawings on the fly.
  • InMoov[8]: The first open source, 3D printed, life-size robot that can be replicated on any home 3D printer with a 12cm area. InMoov was conceived as a development platform for all Makers.
  • Light Play[9]: An interactive hive of miniature delta robots made from 3D printed parts, which act as a mechanical prosthetic for enhancing self-expression.
  • Project Daffodil[10]: An electronic pop-up book featuring princess engineers and electrical dragons that's embedded with simple circuits, introducing young girls to the world of engineering and teaching the basics of circuitry.
  • Rhino Redemption[11]: Created by Reared in Steel, Rhino Redemption is a fire-breathing rhinoceros art car that stands 11 feet tall by almost 10 feet wide and is 28 feet long. It's fully equipped with hydraulic steering, a sound system, and LED lights.
  • Robot Resurrection[12]: A towering 28-foot tall, human piloted, articulating sculpture made from 95% airplane parts. Complete with lighting and laser effects, Robot Resurrection is a spectacular creation that attendees will get to see first-hand at the Faire.
  • Terabite[13]: The first one million-megapixel macro photograph and it can be viewed in person at the Faire. The Terabite was created from over 625,000 photographs and features an incredible mosaic.
  • Vidcode[14]: Teaching teen girls computer programming by enabling them to customize videos with

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