Payvision Launches The Mobile Payments Revolution Report

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS--(Marketwired - May 20, 2015) - There has already been plenty of buzz around mobile payments[1] this year, and with the introduction of Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, in-store mPOS is set to explode. Unlike the abundance of other reports on mobile, Payvision's latest paper The Mobile Payments Revolution - How to be Ready for the Tipping Point[2] takes a holistic, 360 degrees approach, providing a full spectrum of mobile payments information.

The report begins with a brief history on the emergence and growth of mobile payments, setting the stage for understanding the current usage and trends across the globe, including thorough country specific data. The paper also demystifies the crowded, fragmented mobile landscape, looking forward to the pivotal role of mobile payments in the near future, as well as what to do next, offering actionable, mobile-ready steps for merchants.

"A 'mobile device' will soon refer to any number of objects; watch, a toothbrush, shoes or a pair of glasses. In turn, mobile payments are evolving as a branch of the Internet of Things ecosystem", said Gijs op de Weegh, COO Payvision. "In developed nations, where consumers are more complacent, mobile payments have three basic prerequisites to see widespread adoption; superior, rewarding and meaningful experiences, high levels of security to procure trust, and supreme omnichannelling to make the consumer journey effortless. So far, the formula has been missing some key ingredients", Op de Weegh added.

Across the globe, the value of mobile commerce has been forecast to top USD 500 billion by 2017, with Asia accounting for half the market. For smaller and medium-sized merchants, with potentially limited upfront capital, to risk investing their resources on their own mobile solutions would be almost impossible. Yet to jump on the trend, merchants can partner with a payment provider such as Payvision, to set them up with a fully integrated cross-border ecommerce solution. There are very few independent mobile payment processors who can offer merchants both the new technologies of the start-ups, and the trust, intelligence and full omnichannel solutions of the established businesses. By entering a partnership, complexities are lowered, and merchants can focus on their core business.

The Mobile Payments Revolution Report is the definitive guide for merchants to understand why mobile Internet is finally changing the payments landscape, and most importantly, how to capitalize on it. Download your free copy of the white paper The Mobile Payments Revolution from the Payvision website[3].

About Payvision

As one of the fastest-growing global acquiring networks in the world, Payvision connects banks, PSPs, ISOs and their merchants to ONE Global Acquiring Platform, based on a non-competitive partnership model in which all stakeholders share revenue, in an expanding profitable cross-border ecommerce market.

Founded in 2002, Payvision is an independent payment solutions provider specialized in global card processing for the ecommerce market, offering a secure, PCI-DSS Compliant and PSD Licensed, international payment processing platform, enhanced with innovative technology. Payvision provides its customers 24/7 Support, 150+ transaction currencies and regional card settlement currencies, a high-end reporting interface and a solid risk management solution. Payvision is headquartered in Amsterdam and has expanded its global services in over 40 countries with offices in New York, Utah, San Francisco, Madrid, London, Toronto, Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Macau, Auckland.

Payvision is a founder and member of CBEC, a community designed to become the industry's cross-border ecommerce knowledge hub, offering a deeper understanding of key insights on ecommerce that can drive international expansion, for the benefit of all stakeholders within the dynamic global ecommerce landscape:[4]

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