AIM Webinar On RFID Fundamentals

Thursday, June 18th | 2:00 PM ET | 90 minutes (including Q & A)
Registration Fee:  $50 - Non Member | $25 - AIM Member
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RFID Fundamentals: An Introduction to RFID Technology and Applications

Every year, RFID is increasingly more important and interwoven into our lives and businesses. Therefore, more people have a need to know and understand this fundamental technology and how it is being applied. 

This session provides a solid foundation of understanding for those new to RFID, as well as a good refresher for those who just need to update their knowledge of this ever-changing field.

The session starts with the basics of the science underlying RFID, providing an understanding of active and passive technologies, the various frequencies, and differing capabilities and performance characteristics of RFID, and the software that supports it. The parameters of a whole solution today are described.

Next, we'll  describe various common use cases and how RFID is being used in different industries, including the types of technology that are used and which ones are appropriate for the different applications, environments, and use cases. Factors required for successful implementation are also reviewed.

Ann Grackin, CEO - ChainLink Research

Bill McBeath, Chief Research Officer - ChainLink Research


Technology users and other professionals new to RFID or wishing to refresh their knowledge.

Understanding RFID Technology

  • The Science of RFID
  • The Whole Solution
  • Tags and Readers
  • Passive vs. Active, Frequencies and Characteristics
  • Middleware
  • Into the Cloud

Application of RFID

  • Common RFID use cases
  • Industry-specific applications
  • Mapping technology to the use cases


 Materials Provided

Each confirmed attendee will receive the RFID Primer, a reference guide to the terminology and technology of RFID, published and distributed by ChainLink Research.

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