Tyco Retail Solutions Previews Innovative Sensormatic Synergy Series


NEUHAUSEN, SWITZERLAND and LONG BEACH, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 23, 2015) -  NRF Protect 2015 Loss Prevention Conference & Expo -- Tyco Retail Solutions (www.tycoretailsolutions.com[1]) will be previewing its leading-edge Sensormatic Synergy Series at NRF Protect 2015, June 23-25 at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center. Tyco's next generation portfolio of intelligent, extensible and modular Acousto-Magnetic (AM)/RFID detection systems leverage the power of multiple technologies -- connected in one pedestal -- to help retailers enhance loss prevention efforts and optimize store performance. Visit Tyco in booth #1119 for an interactive demonstration of the Synergy Series.

With Synergy's network-ready, interconnected devices, retailers can take their loss prevention program to the next level. The Synergy Series helps maximize retailers' Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) investments by providing a clear migration path to RFID technology and by gathering valuable shopper, inventory and EAS intelligence to drive better store performance. Synergy seamlessly integrates different technologies including AM, RFID, Video and Traffic, which feed critical and actionable data to Tyco's TrueVUE reporting platform for increased store intelligence and optimal retailer value. Its data intelligence capabilities also offer retailers a building block to future Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Featuring a contemporary and sleek design, the Synergy Series offers a variety of options and accessories to complement almost any retail environment. This scalable portfolio of intelligent pedestals can be easily retrofitted to read RFID tags, providing retailers with visibility into shrink, shopper behavior and inventory. Providing storefront visibility, Synergy enables retailers to understand when, which, and how many items are stolen while identifying trends in merchandise loss and shoplifting events, and integrating video-capture for post event forensic analysis.

Flexible and modular, the Synergy Series delivers numerous advantages to enhance loss prevention, including:

  • Superior Sensormatic anti-theft protection in high noise environments
  • Video verification of EAS alarm events via integration with surveillance cameras
  • Add-on mounted camera for high quality, close up images during alarm events 
  • Enhanced Jammer and Metal Foil detection to combat organized retail crime
  • Remote EAS device management and monitoring

Synergy's interconnectivity of EAS, traffic and inventory intelligence also offers a broad-range of benefits for optimizing store performance to help retailers:

  • Maximize valuable floor selling space
  • Track customer visits and increase conversion rates leveraging integrated traffic sensors
  • Enhance EAS value with modular, connected, RFID-ready systems
  • Effectively manage EAS system power and save up to 90% when no customer traffic is present without performance degradation

"Our next generation Synergy Series helps our retail customers leverage the value of their EAS investment and gain a clear migration path to RFID for improving operations and profitability," said Nancy Chisholm, President, Tyco Retail Solutions. "A breakthrough system like Synergy is just one example of how Tyco is unleashing the power of innovation to solve key issues for our customers. Synergy delivers genuine Sensormatic performance and quality retailers have trusted for nearly 50 years to help protect their bottom line."

About Tyco Retail Solutions
Tyco Retail Solutions is a leading provider of integrated retail performance and security solutions, deployed today at more than 80 percent of the world's top 200 retailers. Customers range from single-store boutiques to global retail enterprises. Operating in more than 70 countries worldwide, Tyco Retail Solutions provides retailers with real-time visibility to their inventory and assets to improve operations, optimize profitability, and create memorable shopper experiences.

The Tyco Retail Solutions portfolio for retailers is sold direct through Tyco businesses and authorized business partners around the world. For more information, please visit TycoRetailSolutions.com[2] or follow us on LinkedIn[3]Twitter[4], and our YouTube channel[5].

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Tyco Retail Solutions Previews Innovative Sensormatic Synergy Series
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