KOAMTAC Announces Launch of KoamTacON, A Web-Based Client/Server Solution

July 7, 2015, Princeton, NJ- KOAMTAC®, Inc. today announced the launch of KoamTacON®, an innovative web-based client/server solution for application development. The newly released application tool enables users to develop and customize data collection applications that are tailored to meet and exceed company needs and expectations. This innovative application can be invaluable to companies in any vertical market segment, including Distribution & Retail, Healthcare, Transportation & Logistics, and Event Technology.

With KoamTacON, users will have the ability to create their application in a web-based portal, before downloading and synchronizing the application to their smartphones and tablets. Barcode data may be transferred to the application by using a KDC® Bluetooth barcode scanner, or by inputting data manually and synchronizing with the web-based portal in real time. Within the application, users may also customize data reports and run analysis for all collected user data, which can be linked to a single master account.

"KOAMTAC has created a complete data collection eco-system which has become an advancement in application building, barcode, RFID, and payment technologies," said, Dr. Hanjin Lee, President & CEO of KOAMTAC, Inc.

KoamTacON is designed for companies that wish to design data collection applications in-house with a flexible and dependable tool. The flexibility in its design concept enables the application builder to control the workflow and options best fitted for their internal needs.

All new and existing KDC customers will be offered a free one-year subscription for KoamTacON, and will have the option to purchase a subscription for $9.95 per month/per user, and $99 per year/per user after the free subscription expires. The application builder will also be available for non-KDC customers at a subscription cost of $9.95 per month/per user or $99 per year/per user.

About KOAMTAC, Inc.
KOAMTAC, Inc. headquarters is based in Princeton, New Jersey and produces a signature line of lightweight, ergonomically friendly Bluetooth barcode scanners. KOAMTAC is also dedicated to environmental conservation, while maintaining the quality expectations of its consumers. With its unique patented design, all KOAMTAC products reduce the carbon footprint for the industry and provide consumers with a durable and enhanced solution.

All products are universally compatible across current technology platforms, and offer seamless use with iPhone®/iPod touch®/iPad®, Android®, Blackberry®, Mac® and Windows®-based devices.

The KDC20, KDC30, KDC100, KDC200, KDC250, KDC300 and KDC350 are the world's smallest and lightest programmable barcode data and card readers with a display on the market today.

The KDC400 series consists of patent-protected modular accessories for single-handed utility.

The KDC500 is an EMV/MSR/Barcode/NFC Mobile POS Companion.

For additional information or to place an order, visit koamtac.com.

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