Companies Collaborate to Devise Customized Barcode Scanning Solution

Dubuque, Iowa - July 22, 2015 – Tri-Technical Systems (Tri-Tech), a developer of retail point of sale (POS) software solutions, announces a partnership with Code (a manufacturer of image based barcode reading systems) and CRS, Inc. (a US-based importer and wholesale distributor of POS products) to offer a cost-effective and robust barcode scanning solution.  

This three-way partnership began at a CRS Profit Booster Conference in October, where CRS facilitated introductions between Tri-Tech and Code.  From there Code and Tri-Tech began discussions of desired product features and available solutions.  At the same time CRS and Code finalized their distribution agreement for CRS’s reseller channel.

“CRS strives to bring innovative and reliable solutions to the reseller channel at affordable pricing,” stated Loren Foley, Product Development Manager of CRS.  “Code scanners are great examples of exceptional products, coming from a trusted company that is easy to work with and has great support.  Code scanners contains a comprehensive feature set to allow partners, like Tri-Tech, to create the solutions they need.”      

For Tri-Tech’s solution, the Code Reader™ 900FD device was selected.  The CR900FD is an area imaging barcode reader with flexible decoding capabilities.  It supports omnidirectional reading of all 1D barcodes and offers users the ability to enable and read one 2D barcode of choice.  It is upgradeable to support all 2D formats as well as customized driver’s license (DL) and ID outputs.  The ability to decode varying DL formats is built directly into the DL parse procedures, allowing Tri-Tech to create standardized outputs from non-standard information.  This solution is both easy for Tri-Tech’s end-users to utilize and flexible enough for Tri-Tech to use with their existing product line, as well as future software products.

Code has been developing quality barcode readers for 18 years, with a strong presence in healthcare, and now aggressively expanding into the commercial and retail markets,” stated Vicki Thai, Independent Software Vendor Manager at Code.  “Through our partnership with CRS, we are able to provide resellers with reliable, feature-rich products at a reasonable price point.  For Tri-Tech’s solution, we combined our unrivaled decoding technology with our Driver’s License/Identification formatting feature to seamlessly integrate the CR900FD with the AIMsi software.”  

According to Amber Earles, Project Manager of Tri-Tech, “We wanted to come up with a robust and cost effective solution that we could include in our version 11 release of AIMsi.  Our hope was to standardize formatting thus creating an easier-to-implement solution, both for our users and our development team.  We found this combination in the CR900FD scanner with the added DL Parse.  Code was able to help us customize their devices using their existing tools and features. CRS introduced us to Code and they are able to supply the devices to us at a reasonable price.  This is a great solution and a great partnership! ”

All three companies will be exhibiting at the RSPA RetailNOW Convention. The trade show will take place at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center in Orlando, FL from August 2nd-5th.  The scanning solution will be on display in Tri-Tech’s booth #906.

About Code

Code is a technology leader in the design, development and manufacture of the latest generation of image-based barcode readers. Using advanced high-definition and multi-resolution optics, coupled with cabled and wireless communication options, including Bluetooth®, our product suite is ergonomically designed to expedite data collection tasks and enhance productivity for the mobile worker. The Code product line is used in critical applications within healthcare, public safety, manufacturing, transportation, retail and a range of other diverse industries.

For more information on Code, visit

About CRS

CRS, Inc. is a privately owned importer and wholesale distributor founded in 1927. Trusted and respected in the community of POS and Cash Register Resellers, CRS is well known as a source for products of quality and value. CRS has maintained membership or sponsorship of the Retail Systems Providers Association (RSPA--formerly the ICRDA) for over 50 years and is currently recognized as an RSPA Certified Vendor.

For more information on CRS, visit or call 800-333-4949.

About Tri-Technical Systems

Since its foundation in 1984, Tri-Technical Systems has become an industry leader in providing business solutions to retailers.  Over 4500 retailers across the United States and Canada are growing their businesses with greater predictability and more profitably with the help of Tri-Tech’s product suite. Tri-Tech specializes in creating point of sale solutions for retail environments such as musical instrument stores, golf courses, liquor stores, cigar & tobacco shops, bike & fitness, gun & archery, vacuum & sewing, hobby stores, resale & consignment, appliance, and many more.  Tri-Tech is a member of RSPA and is an RSPA Certified Vendor.

For more information on Tri-Technical Systems, visit or call 800-670-1736.


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