MemSQL Demonstrates Untapped Power of Industrial IoT With Real-Time Analytics

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Feb 16, 2016) -  (SPARK SUMMIT EAST, Booth #101) - MemSQL ([1]), the leader in real-time databases for transactions and analytics, will unveil PowerStream, a brand new application using the Industrial Internet of Things to fuel real-time analytics, at Spark Summit East. PowerStream uses a real-life dataset of approximately 20,000 wind farms and 200,000 individual wind turbines equipped with sensors generating over a million transactions per second. PowerStream ingests that data and provides actionable insights in real time, giving users a glimpse of how the future of sustainability can be fully realized by adapting data to drive innovation.

MemSQL Demonstrates Untapped Power of the Industrial Internet of Things With Real-Time Analytics - Click to Tweet[2]

PowerStream is built with MemSQL Streamliner, an integrated Apache Spark solution that supports thousands of concurrent users running real-time analytical queries and reduces data latency from days or hours down to zero. Temperature and vibration input from millions of sensors on turbines located around the world flows through a real-time Streamliner pipeline. With this data and a machine learning algorithm, PowerStream predicts and visualizes the health of turbines. A healthy turbine appears green. A turbine likely facing severe weather, software malfunctions or in need of maintenance appears red. When the needs of individual turbines can be assessed in real time, performance can be monitored, remote software repairs can occur, and the delivery of a spare part by drone to the repairman to minimize downtime become possible. PowerStream runs on seven c4.2xlarge instances from Amazon Web Services. At $0.311 per instance/hour, total annual hardware costs are approximately $19,070.

"The world is amassing more data than many businesses are equipped to handle and companies need to prepare for real-time opportunities today," said Eric Frenkiel, CEO and co-founder, MemSQL. "With MemSQL Streamliner, we're bringing information into the light of day to help companies boost their bottom line regardless of industry, market or segment."

Any business can be agile, but companies that more effectively derive insights from data can readily adapt to changing conditions. PowerStream exemplifies the power of Industrial IoT applications with real-time analytics. Industries unchanged for decades can now undergo drastic transformations. With machines more frequently full of sensors, the Industrial Internet of Things will improve manufacturing processes, manage logistics across supply chains, and increase our ability to discover value from data.

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