Super ID Tags With QR Code Now Free For Law Enforcement and Active Military From Dynotag

SEATTLE, April 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Dynotag, makers of the Super IDs family of smart ID tags, announced expansion of their popular "Thank First Responders" program, which provides complimentary smart IDs to emergency medical personnel.  Effective immediately, Law Enforcement and Active Military will also be eligible for the free program.

A SuperMedID™ provides instant access to a detailed emergency profile by simply scanning a QR code on the ID or by going online and entering the ID number.  Available as necklaces, bracelets, key tags or cards, a SuperMed ID provides vastly more lifesaving information than traditional medical IDs can.  The profile includes emergency contact info, medical conditions, allergies, medical devices, medications, preferred hospitals and more. 

"First Responders put themselves in harm's way to help our communities every day," said Murat Divringi, President&CEO of Dynotag, Inc.  "We want to thank them by providing a free SuperMedID™ tag - so they, too are prepared for an emergency situation!"

First Responders can request their free tag by visiting ThankFirstResponders.comThe process is simple and self-service.  To qualify, first responders need only upload a photo of their ID card or badge.  Even shipping is complimentary.  "It is the least we can do for our heroes!" added Diviringi.

About Dynotag, Inc.

Dynotag® ( is the leading provider of maintenance-free Smart IDs for a variety of needs since 2012. Featuring patented DynoIQ™ features, all Dynotag Smart IDs provide lifetime service and advanced cloud-based features. Private label programs are also available for manufacturers seeking custom smart ID capabilities embedded in their products.

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