Beaconstac Launches an Innovative QR Code Marketing Solution With Online Retargeting

Beaconstac has introduced a new QR code management platform that not only allows marketers and businesses to create and manage QR code campaigns but also offers the capability to drive data-driven location-based campaigns. These QR codes are fully customizable, trackable, schedule-able and can be reused more than once. Along with powerful analytics and the ability to fine-tune campaigns in real time, Beaconstac’s QR code solution offers a powerful tool to businesses: Retargeting.

Potential leads that have scanned a QR code offline can be retargeted online on Facebook and Google. With a CTR that is 10x higher than that of a normal display ad, retargeting users that have already seen a QR code campaign will be instrumental in helping businesses improve their conversion rates.

As Sharat Potharaju, CEO and co-founder of Beaconstac, remarks, “We have taken something simple like QR Codes and made it into a comprehensive marketing platform for businesses. With the growing need for offline to online engagement, QR codes are fast emerging as the most reliable solution for marketers.”

In addition to the comprehensive QR Code solution, Beaconstac has also launched a free QR code generator ( with a free trial for businesses and brands that want to try out the premium features.

Why marketers and consumers love QR codes:

  • All the latest iPhones and Android smartphones can scan QR code without an app.
  • QR Codes are fully customizable and can be aligned with the company’s branding and logo
  • QR Codes are extremely versatile. They can be used to make calls, send emails, texts, open landing pages, deliver offers and make payments.

About Beaconstac: Beaconstac ( is in the business of driving offline commerce and consumer engagement leveraging the mobile device. The platform helps businesses to increase footfalls, generate leads, engage with loyal customers and collect feedback. Recognized by Forbes for helping small businesses achieve greater ROI, Beaconstac’s robust platform uses technologies such as Beacons, NFC, QR codes in conjunction with consumer mobile devices to deliver the value proposition. With the platform’s wide adoption across various industry verticals in over 40+ countries, Beaconstac serves as the perfect catalyst to marry the ubiquity of the mobile device with the growing need to build online style intelligence for the physical world.