The Bar Code News (tm) welcomes contributed content of high quality.   Posts must be informative, educational or entertaining.    

Posts should either;  (1) use the format of a case study about an actual end-user , or;  (2) be a technical article.

1. Using the case study format    The primary audience for consists of people looking for a solution.   They are practical people and most interested in reading about how a bar code/RFID/auto-ID system actually solved a problem.   It should illustrate how they are using it successfully and what benefits they are receiving.
     A few lines about the vendor who installed the system or product (if applicable), and another few lines about the the manufacturer of the product can be added at the end of the article.  Both links can be included and should open in a new window. 
     Details on the hardware and software are required.  (Models and version numbers).   750 to 1,500 words or more is fine.   The article or case study should be new.   There can be links for the VAR's website, vendor, end-user, a YouTube video, etc in the article from our page to their websites.
Examples of case studies:
   Consider adding quotes from the various parties.  This is not a place for blatant self promotion.  Avoid jargon and slang.  Do not disparage others.  Do not overstuff the post with links. If you use acronyms, be sure to spell it out the first time. 
2.  For technical articles - here are some examples:
     For all posts,  photos must be included.  These should be low resolution - up to about 100k per image.   Cell phone photos are generally acceptable.
(If your photos are too large, one simple technique (on a Windows PC) to reduce them is to display them on your screen, then use the Print Screen button to capture the image.   Then open Paint (usually found in All Programs -> Accessories) , and  PASTE (CTRL-V) the image into Paint.
From there, use the clipping feature to cut the image out and save it as a JPEG file.  It will usually be about the right size.  On a Mac you can do the same thing by using  Ctrl + Shift + 4 to clip a screen image and then rename it with Preview. The size usually compacts very well.
  You are welcome to email us with your idea before starting.   A YouTube video can be embedded in the article - just send us the link to it. 
  Here is a sample guest post:
 (This article now appears in our RFID Solutions section).
Once it is published on we will tweet it to our lists, post on our Facebook page and other social media websites.   It will also appear in our newsletter.  If you have a Twitter or Facebook page, you should also share it there.
Articles that get good sharing will receive many more views per year.
There are no deadlines for contributed material - quality is the most important factor.  Readers who like an article and find it useful, will share it.   So take your time, and make your article simply awesome.   
A few other things: 
1. If you are stating a fact (like XX.X million smart phones used last week) - be sure to include a citation in the footer of the article for the reader to know the source of the fact.  
2. A picture or a graph is worth a thousand words and will drive your point home faster.   
3. End-users must be identified.  If you have are writing about an installation, you need to have the end-user's consent and you must name the company.   We understand that some clients don't want to be identified, so you will not be able to write about those clients.  No exceptions.  Many end-users will grant their consent if you include a link to their website, so that they get something out of it.  That is fine.
4. Articles should be submitted in Word, or text - as in the body of an email.   Do not send PDF files.  
To submit or inquire, email us at  ca (@)

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