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barcode-fontsThere are some great bar code resources on the Internet and here on barcode.com. Our mission at The Bar Code News is to be the "Go-To Site for everything Bar Code™" so we want to make it easy for you to access the best resources out there. Resources will include some of our most popular articles about bar codes, getting started with bar codes, how-to articles, videos and more. Many of these articles will provide links to other sources.

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Learn About Bar Codes

History of the Bar Code

READING BETWEEN THE LINES™ - All about 1D bar codes

How does a barcode work?

Make a Bar Code

Ensuring Bar Code Quality in the Supply Chain

Authenticate Your UPC

Buy a UPC Code

Resources for Bar Code Decisions

Barcode Product Directory

Bar Code Solutions

BarCode labels - print your own or buy pre-printed?

Selecting the Right Bar Code Font

Choosing a VAR (Value Added Reseller) for Barcode/POS

Bar code Labels That Take The Heat

Harsh environments: Identifying the Need and Performance of Barcodes

Barcode labels for an exceptionally small space!

Bar Code How-To's

How to get a Bar Code

How to Put a Bar Code On A Product

How to Look Up a Bar Code (UPC) Number

How to Create a Bar Code in Microsoft Word

How to Create a Bar Code in Microsoft Excel

Create Bar Code Mailing Labels With OpenOffice

When To Verify A Bar code

Bar code Hardware Resources

How Do I Use A BarCode Reader?

How to Choose a Barcode Reader or Barcode Scanner

1D Bar Code Scanners: A User-based Review

Barcode Scanner Listings

Choosing a Bar Code Label Printer

Barcode Readers and the iPad - How to use them together

Top 5 Barcode Scanners Under $500

1D Barcode Scanners: A User-based Review

Top 5 Barcode Printers under $500

Bar code Video Resources

How to Create a QR Code with a website address (URL) for a Sign or Flyer


How to Create a UPC Bar Code in 2 minutes


Create a Sheet of Bar Code Labels in 2 minutes


How to Create a QR Code for a Business Card


Other Helpful Bar Code Resources

Assorted RFID Resources

QR Code Resources

Bar Code Industry News

Who's Who in the Bar Code Industry

Bar Code Blog

Barcode links

Point of Sale (POS) Resources

Barcode Companies

Useful Resources on the Auto-ID and Mobility Website

Helpful Barcode Resources From the GS1Website

The Leading Auto ID & Point of Sale (POS) Industry Research Companies - Part 1

The Leading Auto ID & Point of Sale (POS) Industry Research Companies - Part 2

Resource Page: Scanner Apps for Smartphones & Tablets


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Assorted RFID Resources

QR Code Resources

Resource Page: Scanner Apps for Smartphones & Tablets

Point of Sale (POS) Resources

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Integra 9570 by LVS
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