Red Laser iPhone Barcode Reader : First Looks

How does it work? Once you have downloaded the barcode reading app, you can use it to scan millions of 1D barcodes (the normal kind) and see where else you can buy the scanned product! So say you’re walking through a store and you see the new DVD player you wanted to buy for someone special.

 Just whip out your iPhone and scan the barcode of the product just like they do at the register. The Red Laser App prowls the Internet to find prices of the DVD player from a multitude of stores, allowing you to find the lowest price.

The app is extremely easy to use and extremely helpful. When the app is started, the user sees a list of previously scanned products that can be reviewed or emailed (to self or a friend). Other than the button to email the list, you can either scan a new barcode or enter the number underneath the barcode if you have poor lighting or a glare. That’s it. This app does so much, but requires so little of the user.

This is a simple yet powerful barcode application for the iPhone. It is easy to use, and hard to have trouble with. It is well worth the $1.99 price tag.

Want more information? Visit Red Laser 

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