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About Barcode.com / The BarCode News(tm)

It is our objective at The Bar Code News to provide an informative and useful website pertaining to the bar code and auto-id industry.   We provide a variety of news, advice, opinion, reference material and barcoding tools.

This website and domain is owned by Barcode Media Group, Inc.  The owner purchased the domain name in the late 1990s and has either operated it himself (1997 - 2001) or leased it out ( 2001 - Dec 2009). This website was created at the end of 2009.   The owner of the company grew up working in retail stores and started programming in 1972.  His background in business automation, bar codes, and the point of sale industry started in 1983 when he purchased an IBM PC and, unable to find fast retail software applications,  wrote his own software to run his business.  After selling that company in 1985,  he founded and ran MicroBiz Corp ( a point of sale software and hardware company).  MicroBiz Corp was a three time Inc 500 winner (1993 - #99, 1994, 1995)   The bar code and point of sale hardware division of MicroBiz was sold to ScanSource in 1994.   The software division was sold in 2000 to CamCommerce

We are an independent company and solely owned by the founder.  We do not own or have an interest in, any other company.   We do not sell bar code products or services.     Like any newspaper or magazine, we earn income by selling advertising.  Advertising revenue is obtained by selling space including banner ads, links, sponsored sections, sponsored pages, newsletter advertising, and so on. 

Since inception (January 2010)  the Bar Code News has grown and is now running at a pace of ~ 600,000 visitors annually.  We post hundreds of fresh, original articles each year.  There is a lot going on in the world of barcoding and we will do our best to bring it all here. 

The penetration of bar code and QR Code technology in the business and consumer world continues to increase.   With the increasingly rapid adoption of bar code scanning on mobile phones the industry is adding hundreds of millions of new users per year.    While a bar code itself is a relatively unobtrusive item, the number of applications for users continues to grow substantially.  We believe this is an exciting place to be! 

We welcome user comments and suggestions for the site as well as opinions and commentary.  

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