Frito Lay Using ScanBuy Barcodes to Give Customers Mobile Goodies

Sabritas, a brand of Frito Lay in Mexico, is using 2D barcodes as an innovative marketing tool to give customers free goodies like cell phone wallpaper and other downloadable content. This feature is accessed when customers use their camera phones and smart phones to scan the 2D barcode found on the back of product bags. Scanbuy, the creators of the 2D barcode application that Frito Lay is using, is a global provider of barcode applications for businesses and consumers. The 2D barcode concept is becoming more popular. Telcel, a primary wireless carrier in Mexico, has actually started pre-installing the application into new smartphones. According to Scanbuy, a great aspect of this application is that it is “compatible with hundreds of other models around the world on all major operating systems.”

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