2D Barcodes Flash in Camera Phones Across North America

Marketers currently use this bar code technology to “to make their traditional printed media more interactive.” These companies have started new projects that include ScanLife, a leading 2D bar code solution from ScanBuy, Inc. “ScanLife, includes a mobile application that converts a camera phone into a barcode reader, and a web platform which allows companies to create and track their 2D codes.”

The software is available for camera phones worldwide from operating systems such as Java, Symbian and Windows Mobile. Sprint is one of the companies who are taking advantage of this innovative technology and are pre-uploading this application onto new phones.

 Businesses can register to use the ScanLife Code Management Platform online via the official website.

Click to visit the official website: http://www.scanbuy.com/web/

Click to read the full press release: http://www.scanbuy.com/web/press-kit/96-2d-barcode-technology-taking-off-in-north-america