RFID Improves Point of Sale for American Apparel Stores - Video Feature

In an effort to replace electronic article surveillance (EAS), American Apparel employed the services of Xterprise’s Clarity Advanced Retail Solution to transition their current retail technology. According to Xterprise, “the solution automates many previously manual, time-consuming processes, including merchandise receiving and matching, restocking and cycle counts.”  With the speed and convenience of RFID technology in place, American Apparel is seeking the ability to better manage inventory, expedite sales, and improve the overall productivity of their retail processes. Additional partners in this implementation include Microsoft (Servers) and Motorola (FX-7400 fixed readers).

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Watch a video from Avery Dennison about the American Apparel RFID tag adoption...

For more information, visit www.xterprise.com.

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