Jagtag: Bringing Brands to the Masses

2D Barcodes

Basic 2D bar codes generally use a linear structure to encrypt data, which can result in a rather bland and unattractive format for advertisers and marketers to use. In the midst of the mundane, there is a company revolutionizing the way brands and products incorporate mobile bar codes into their campaigns.

Jagtag not only makes 2D bar coding more attractive than ever, but they also create a more universal audience by using resources that cell phone users already have.

Many bar code companies are joining the application craze, but Jagtag has formulated a way to bring bar codes to the masses without the need for an application download or purchase. The Jagtag bar codes use a phone’s MMS (Multimedia Messaging) services to send the bar code data without the need for any additional programs to run on the phone. Since 75% of camera phone users have MMS in their plans free of charge, this significantly improves the potential reach of this data retrieval method (Jagtag.com).

To give an example of how a Jagtag works, a customer would take a picture of the Jagtag bar code with their camera phone, send it via picture mail to the Jagtag text number or email address, and receive a message back regarding the promotion, coupon, or data that they requested by sending the image. The question is: how will customers know whether or not a bar code is a Jagtag or not?