How To Contribute Content to The Bar Code News(tm)

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We are always looking for good content. had over 500,000 visitors last year and continues to grow.  We are now in our 9th year.   Articles are featured on the home page, tweeted to our lists (20,000+) and posted and shared through Facebook (150,000+ followers) and other social media too.  
The two most common approaches are:
1 - an expert article of 1,000 to 1,500 words or more,  by a CEO or Sr VP, etc.  
2 - a case study about an end-user.  for more info download the media kit here.
We need two to four pictures that are low-resolution (up to 200kb), and a 4 line blurb about the company or author, along with the URL that you would like to link to. 
Any facts that are quoted shouldhave citations/links at the bottom of the article. The more citations, the better. 
Links within the story are okay, but no over-stuffing please.   
This should not be a story about your company or product itself - readers want info that is useful to them.  It should be about the technology in general - and the benefits it brings, or about an end-user installation and experience.   The equipment used should be specified, with model numbers, any platforms or software, and hopefully the ROI actually achieved by the end-user.   A link to the end-user website can be included if they like.  
Our readers like reading about other businesses - and how those businesses overcame a problem, or launched a new technology.     Readers can identify high quality content and they want steak, not sizzle.    The higher the quality, the more the readers will share the article on social media.
 A well written piece can be absolutely timeless and as valuable in five years as it is today.  Some get more in each of years 2 - 5 then they did in the first year.    If people find the content valuable, they bookmark it and return to it.  They share it and link to it.  It's all about the usefulness of the piece.  Great content is viewed thousands of times and readers share it.   
   Once we post the article, we ask that you share and link to that exact URL.  Companies that support their own executive's content get 500% more views on our articles.   Many companies have an "In The News” page, that highlights their press exposure - that is the best place to endorse your own article.  
 Lastly, we never have deadlines because quality is more important than a deadline.  Take your time and get us a great article to run. 
A short marketing pitch:  
       We rely on sponsors to stay in business.  Just like every company, our costs include writers, editors, graphics/design/layout people, programmers, software, hosting, advertising, marketing and social media development staff, accounting, legal, and more.   Our social media lists reach tens of thousands of people who have opted in,  and those lists are expensive to build and maintain. 
     In the bar code and RFID marketplace, thousands of companies are in business already, and hundreds more are funded and launched regularly, and virtually all of them are cranking out press releases and articles.  With thousands of press releases competing for attention each month, obtaining quality mindshare and marketshare using only press releases is very difficult.  Advertising offers access to sales prospects 24/7 and it can be very cost effective.  Click here to get a copy of our media packet.
Mindshare precedes marketshare!
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