Motorola Announces Data Capture Device for Healthcare

 The DS6878-HC cordless 2D imager aids doctors, nurses and patient care workers in quickly accessing critical information at a patient’s bedside, the nurse’s station, operating room and beyond, helping to prevent medical errors, improve patient safety and increase caregiver productivity, with features such as:

  • Scanning and capturing 1D or 2D bar codes, as well as signatures, drivers’ licenses, insurance cards, facial images and more, to quickly and efficiently create and maintain electronic medical records (EMRs)
  • IP43 sealing, in combination with a specially designed plastic housing, which creates a disinfectant-ready design that allows safe wipe-downs and sanitizing with bleach, alcohol, soap and water — without harming the housing or the sensitive scanning components
  • Ability to withstand six-foot drops to concrete, providing dependable operations despite the inevitable


Below is a link to the full press release, as well as a URL for solution images, specs and product information: