Barcode Tracking Software for Department of Defense

CheckMate Designed for DOD

 CheckMate Software uses CAC Cards to identify the person responsible for each transaction, converting the SSN on the card to a generic badge number” in the system for privacy purposes.  The system has been designed per military requirements to preserve Chain of Custody for example, the same badge that checks out a tool is required to check the tool back in.

Deployment of Tools & Equipment

       CheckMate Toolroom has a Deployment Option, which tracks a kit or subset of tools and equipment from a large inventory that are sent to another location (truck, overseas location, etc.), then allows those tools and equipment to be checked out again to CAC cardholders at that location.  This option has been used to track tools and equipment deployed to locations overseas.


Ease Of Use

 The CheckMate software is very easy to use; training time is minimal.  The system comes with one hour of training and one year of phone technical support.


Contact: Rob Freeman

VP Business Development


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