Computer Engineer Barbie by Mattel

Recently Mattel toys announced a Computer Engineer Barbie as part of the "I Can Be"  series of Barbie dolls.    The company invited users to vote on what version of Barbie they would like to have - and this was the first profession chosen.   CE Barbie comes with a laptop, glasses and a cellphone.   The doll is scheduled for shipment on October 15th, 2010, according to the company website.

As a parent, I purchased at least two dozen Barbie dolls for my daughter when she was young.   I seem to recall a Circus Barbie and a motorcycle girl Barbie among them.   This new theme is terrific and the company is to be applauded for branching out! 

Note the mock Bluetooth wireless transmitter in her ear!   


From the Barbie page:

"Barbie® I Can Be...™ dolls and accessories empower girls to play out different roles and "try on" fabulous careers, including computer engineer, the first Barbie® profession chosen by popular vote! Always a reflection of the times, this digital diva engineers the perfect geek-chic look, with hot pink accessories and sleek gadgets to match. The inspiring set also comes with a special code that unlocks career-themed content online, for even more digital play (how fitting)!"     



The cellphone accessory shown on the Mattel website looks a little lame.    (Memo to Mattel - Would a real Computer Engineer Barbie be caught dead with a phone that didn't have a keypad?  She needs a  Blackberry or an iPhone.    There is still time to fix that before the ship date.)

It would not surprise me to see Computer Engineer Barbie on the desks of thousands of women in the computer field next year. 



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